What do you do when you get to hang out with a bunch of women over at a Blog Conference?

You get to have fun… that’s what you do!

No matter how different we look, where we are from or where we live, we have one thing in common:

We love to create and share our passion for it with the world!


My favorite part of EVO and the three days I spent up in Park City was to get to know better some of the bloggers around me.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to hang out with so many amazing talented women.

{ Forgive my pictures… they were taken with my phone }


Blog Conferences are intense… you are not just surrounded by people 24-7

but you are surrounded by females.

I believe what makes a Conference a success is our attitude.

People say that women have the tendency to compare themselves…

Call me crazy but I don’t get that!

I believe that God created all his precious daughters with different gifts and talents,

 not for us to waste our lives comparing ourselves with each other

 but instead for sharing who we are and hopefully enriching each other doing so.

I really believe that when we open our hearts we invite others to do the same.



My goal during EVO was to have no expectations.

My admiration for each of the women around me grew to an even higher level as I heard their stories,

their opinions, and experiences with an open mind and an open heart.

As I spent time with many of them I realized that many of us worry about the same things, pray for the same things, dream of the same things, laugh, cry, hope and get hurt by the same exact things.


I am not an expert on this matter but if anyone reading this post struggles with comparing themselves to others please consider this.

Celebrate WOMANHOOD!



Look at those women around you as what they are, incredibly talented hard working women.

I am not talking just about bloggers here but about anyone.

Don’t be afraid to say hi,

talk to people you don’t know, and share who you are with others.

It is not the size of our pants, the amount of dollars in our wallets, how many bedrooms our house has or the size of our blogs what defines us.

I rather want to believe that is our strength, our courage, our love, the way we treat others and ourselves what says who we really are.



Keep in mind that women have in common with you more than you think…

Some share your tastes…

{ We love polka dots! }


Other ones understand your pain…

{ Check out the braces }


Some help you to overcome your fears…

{ I am terrified of heights and we are way too high up in the air on our way up to lunch}


Other ones know when you need a hug…

{ I love you my friend }



…and other ones saw your potential before you even did.

{ Thank you Jen and Amanda for your support from the very beginning }



The point is don’t be afraid to open your minds and hearts to those around you.

At the end of the day all of us are just a bunch of strong girls trying to do the best that we can.

Isn’t that AWESOME?


Happy Monday beYOUtiful YOU!




I am sure you guys recognize a bunch of the faces in these pictures…

Linda from Craftaholics Anonymous, Kristyn from Lil’ Luna, The Crafting Chicks, Jamielyn from I Heart Naptime,

Laurie from Tip Junkie, Amy fro The Idea Room, Heather from Whipperberry, Brooke from All Things Thrifty , Mandi from Vintage Revivals , The Dating Divas, Six Sister Stuff, and beautiful Tauni from SNAP.

Wait there are more… Jen from CraftOmaniac, Tausha from Sassy Style and Jen and Jodi from eighteen25 . Landee from Landee See Landee Do, Shauna and Coutney the girls behind Orange Blossom Etsy Shop, Michelle from A Little Tipsy.

Of course the super talented Amanda from Craft Gossip and Jen from Tatertots and Jello.

And the amazing twin sisters behind Lolly Jane, Kelli and Kristi and Kristen Duke from Kristen Duke Photography.

WOW… so much talent!

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