Hi friends!

I was invited to make a project inspired by Oz the Great and Powerful

With one of my children’s birthday coming up I thought it would be fun to throw a party

following the theme of this exciting film and  invite the children take an adventure to the land of Oz.


I had so much fun designing these free party printables.

I hope you love the modern vintage chalkboard  look.

I think they are perfect for wizards and witches of all ages!

Let’s take a closer look… The first thing I designed was the  “You are in OZ” Printable.

and then all the fun birthday party decorations followed.


 We have the cupcake toppers


You can also use them to decorate birthday treats  or as buttons to seal the party favor bags.

I am going to use the little banners to decorate our mini popcorn boxes.


I made movie tickets… because of course we are watching the DVD!


By the way Oz the Great and Powerful’s Blu-Ray Combo Pack comes out on June 11th!

You can click here to get more info.

So exciting!


Here is an idea!

You can put the tickets inside of the invitations and have the wizards and good witches 

 bring them to the party so they can see Oz the Great and Powerful at your home.

For the invitations print and cut the covers and glue them on card stock.


 I also made a photo prop because every wizard will need this.


Print them, cut them and glue them to a paper straw or Popsicle sticks.

It is all about looking good baby!


I’ll be back with pictures of the party.

I have a few other ideas that I want to share with you.

Here is the printable kit.

{ They are 8×10 prints }


Let’s print!

You are in OZ Printable


Movie Tickets

Cupcake Toppers and Mini Banners

Photo Props


Have fun planning and throwing a magical party!

Our birthday party is going to be so good…


…and so wicked.


Wua Ha Ha Haaaaa!

OK! I think I got a little carried away!


For more information and to watch click here.

You can watch the movie trailers and find out more about Oz the Great and Powerful

on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


Have a great day friends and remember as beautiful Glinda says…

” You are capable of more than you know”

Love you to pieces!


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