Sometimes you get to meet people that for one reason or another inspires you in a very special unique way.

I want to introduce you today to one of those people…

fabulous Kari from U Create.


I’m sure most of you, if not all of you know by now how talented she is.

 However today I want to introduce her to you as a friend of mine,

 as someone I look up to, as someone I respect as a blogger

and more importantly as a woman and as a person.


Here she is… Meet beYOUtiful Kari.



…i am

an oldest child
a wife
a mother
a sister
a christian
a daughter
…i love
to travel
to create
to learn
to watch movies
to play words with friends
to shop at Costco
to blog
to read young adult fiction
…i adore
my grandparents
evening walks
having BBQ’s
road trips
handmade cards
lunch with friends
…i could live without
mountain climbing
comparing to others
…i can never have enough
diet coke
dark chocolate

Thank you for letting me visit The 36th Avenue, Desiree!

I’m always blown away with the creativity and talents you share with us.

What makes Kari be-YOU-tiful?
Among so many things that I love about her, one of those amazing qualities that she has is her down to earth personality.
Her blog U Create is a perfect example of the gift she has of making everyone someone.
U Create is a place where Kari and her team share not just their ideas but give us all the opportunity
to share ours with thousands of awesome U Create followers day after day!
If you want inspiration visit her blog!
Here is a picture of a small portion of her sidebar archives.
 By the way this is just from A to C… WOW!
I still remember the first time a project from The 36th Avenue was featured over at UCreate.
My Anni’s Paper Beads were there and what a surprise this was to the both of us!
My pageviews that day I believe tripled!
 As a brand new blogger I felt super honored…
but as a mother I felt beyond grateful to have my little girl’s project featured on such an amazing blog.
Months later I had the privilege to visit Kari’s blog again,
this time as a guest, and was able to share my Sew Cute Corner.

This was an exciting experience for me, if I tell you the truth I felt so special.
There we were, me and my little blog visiting and hanging out with thousands of readers.
I had a blast! 
Since those early days of blogging I have had the blessing of not just being featured on different occasions,
being a guest again, and meeting Kari personally…
but I have grown to have a great respect for the woman behind such an extraordinary blog.

{ Here we are at SNAP } 

So Kari you are YOU!
You are genuine and there is an honesty about you that I adore.
Pinned Image
You are kind!
You treat others as equals even though U-Create has over 30,000 subscribed readers
you make the one feel like a rock star.
I love you for that!
Pinned Image
You are beYOUtiful  because personally I can say you gave me confidence
when my blog was in the crawling stage.
You inspired me to take those first steps and start to walk as a blogger.
 You keep inspiring me now making me believe I can run.
For that alone and for more I think  you are beautiful YOU my friend!
Pinned Image
Thank you Kari for visiting with us today…
I love you girl!
Make sure you guys take a minute to visit Kari and her blog.
Obviously I love it there!
Happy Saturday my Friends!

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