One of my favorite things to do is after putting the kids in bed is
 to take a shower, relax, lay back in my bed, open my laptop
and visit the blog world after a long day.
 One of my favorite places to visit is
30 Handmade Days…. by Mique.
{I am really hoping to meet her at the SNAP Conference}
Isn’t she SO cute!
So today I want to share with you some of the sweet little printables that I have found on her blog. I am warning you, you better have ink in your computer 😉
I have moved SO many times… that I have grown to really appreciate
good friendly neighbors. I think I would cry if anyone after an EXHAUSTING moving day stopped by my house with this simple token of kindness…
The  little “things we ♥ cards” that she made are as helpful as they are ADORABLE.
 What more can you ask for?
Those are inside of the paper bag.
Another one in my “I MUST make” list are these “SEW”  CUTE 
What a perfect little simple gift for a friend.
…here is another idea with the same printable.
{I’m not a baker, so the second option is a PLUS}
Another SUPER sweet idea for a gift.
I am personally printing these ones for my girl’s   
“First Day SURPRISE School lunch…”
I’m just going to write “have a great year!” instead.
and for my boy I am printing this one…
I “wheelie” love this…
{I am writing on mine “have a terrific year”}
This one is for me…
You don’t like Diet Coke…?
NO PROBLEM… I bet this next one speaks to your heart 😉
{click here to see so many more options}
With school coming around the corner…
{thank heavens}
This bookmark is a good reminder for all of us…
I could be here until tomorrow…
Isn’t she FANTASTIC?!
OK, a few more:
would make even my cupcakes look good…
and that is a miracle right there.
My favorite idea is this very last one…
I am so GRATEFUL for mothers that never give up…
that never STOP believing…
These are some of the qualities that make Mique beYOUtiful.
{ I better stop… I am all chocked up}
…So, make sure you visit Mique sometime today,
tell her thanks for sharing with us so much inspiration
 and let her know that we love her here at The 36th Avenue.
I am NOT responsible for the INSTANT ADDICTION that you’ll have for her blog.
By the way I just noticed her link party
is OPEN for a few more days…
Share what you got!

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