An amazing Photographer
 and an EXTRAordinary mom…
I had the blessing of meeting Erika years ago while we were both living in charming Washington, Utah. The first thing that struck me about her was her smile and the deep love and appreciation
 that she had for her family.
Just a few days ago while thinking about the beauty of motherhood the memory of that love and the image of a simple smile came back into my mind… reminding me of how powerful the small moments that we share with our children are. Among the many things that I love about Erika  is the fact that her little boys have been a great inspiration for her to do and become what she is… I adore her!
I introduce to you Erika Snow.
so who am i?

i am.
a jeans and flip flops kind of girl
laid back and relaxed
a mom times three

i love.
long, lazy saturdays
how the world smells when warmed by the sun
good books,
better music,
 best friends
melted cheese

i can’t live without.
diet dr. pepper
my iphone
my son’s proclamation that i am his best friend
the sound of giggles floating down the stairs
why did i become a photographer?
simple . . . my kids. 
I wanted to capture each precious moment of my children’s lives.  I didn’t want a single milestone or stage to go by without documenting it in some way. so i took pictures. lots and lots of pictures. all in the fervent hope that i would somehow catch a bit of childhood and forever hear the laughter, the joy, the whole-hearted excitement of childhood when I looked back at the images.  This intense desire turned into a passion for me, a passion that I soon began sharing with friends and family and, now, with my clients.
My goal as a photographer is to create images of your children that tug at your heart.  I want to capture the innocence of each child, to really bring out their brilliant personalities in your pictures.

…let me {desirée 😉}
 share with you some of my favorites pictures from Erika.

{ newborns }

…how sweet are they?



{ baby }

…I am in love with this picture.

…click for more baby moments.


I wish I would have done this…

…click for more maternity moments.


soooooooo cooooooooool!

…click for more senior moments.


…If you want to see more of Erika’s work 
visit her website and follow her on Facebook.

For you Erika my friend I just have one word: beYOUtifu!

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