The weekend is here so I am sharing the perfect grilled feast for your friends and family.


I love finger foods. They are messy, fun and perfect for outdoor Spring weather.

What makes these Grilled Barbecue Wings the best is the tenderness and the flavor,

and how easy they are to make.

You know by now how much I love easy! 




Chicken Wings

My favorite chicken wings come from Costco. You can find them in the frozen meat aisle in a 10 pound bag.

What I love about them is that they have just the perfect amount of skin, not too much.


Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce

There are so many barbecue sauces out there.

I even have a great homemade recipe, but my favorite is the mix of these two together.


The honey BBQ Sauce brings sweetness and the original brings a bit of spiciness..


You’ll also need a little bit of salt.



Let’s Grill


Safely defrost the wings and when they are COMPLETELY defrosted salt them lightly.



This is important:

Turn your barbecue on high and let it get HOT.



When the barbecue is ready place your wings on the grill.

You want to hear the “shhhhh” sound when it touches the iron.


NOTE: The high heat will make a golden seal in just a few minutes around your wings keeping  the natural juices of the meat inside.



After you turn them around and they are lightly golden, just like the picture above, turn the flame down to low.

You are going to grilled them SLOWLY to perfection for about 20 minutes or so.

You want them to look  pretty and golden brown like this…

Note: If you poke them with a fork a small amount of clear juice should come from them.

If nothing comes from them you overcooked them… if pinkish liquid comes just keep them a little longer.



While they are getting cooked mix equal parts of your BBQ Sauces.

I start with about a cup of each. You can add more depending of how many wings you are grilling.

When your wings are ready take them off of the grill and right away toss them in the mixed BBQ Sauce.

Coat them well… and after you  are done throw them back on the grill for the last time.


Don’t go anywhere now!

 This final step will take just a few minutes.

You can increase the heat just a little bit.

The barbecue sauce is going to start to caramilize with the heat and will get sticky… just like this.


You are done!

Take them out and  enjoy your awesome meal.

Do you see my Devin’s evil eye… that means do not touch my wings!


For side dishes you can have coleslaw or a yummy green salad.

I told you it was easy!

Happy Friday My friends!

…Have a wonderful weekend!



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