When I think about my life, the many moments that are part of my own journey, the times I have fallen and the times I’ve had the strength to get up, I see that during each experience, each breath, each tear, and each laughter, He has been near.

...Under his wings. the36thavenue.com

When I think about the steps that have taken me to where I am. When I think about the many prayers that have blessed my life. When I think about the angels that He has put in my way such as friends, family and neighbors, I see that He has been near.

every gift comes from above! the36thavenue.com

When I think about you, about me, about the beautiful gift of life…

I see, I feel, I know that He is near… Near me, near you, near all of us.

...come unto me. the36thavenue.com

Because of Him my heart is full.

Because of Him my hope is real.

Because of Him my life has meaning.

Because of Him I believe in miracles, in second chances, in perfect love.

…All I have, all that I am, and all that I can be is because of Him.

Happy Easter!

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