Today I’m going to introduce to you our Lola and a quick bathroom cleaning tip. If you are a dog owner you MUST try Liquid-Plumr to keep your pipes healthy and destroy any pet hair clogs that come from helping your “Dog Come Clean”!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable

Now, I’m warning you this post is packed with cuteness but don’t let our Lola fool you! This adorable sweet dog has a serious wild side.

She can be more messy than our four children combined BUT we love her to pieces! Here she is after her magic bath!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable

Just wait to see the before messy pictures… She is so darn cute!

Do you have a dog? I like to say that in our family we have five girls… My three daughters, myself, and then there is the diva, Miss Lola!  She has been with us since she was two weeks old and five years later she is still a rebel! Keeping her clean is pretty much a full time job. Lola loves the outdoors! As soon as we open the door she wants to get out of our house, run to the flower bed, chase the lizards, and make all types of messes there! Most Yorkies have bows in their hair… Our Lola, prefers wood-chips and dirt! What can I say? She was born to be free! And as much as I hate how messy the backyard turns and how crazy and dirty her fur gets, there is not much I can do…Seriously! What can I possibly say when she gives me what I call the “Lola Look”! 

Here she is in all her messy glory!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable


My kids like to bathe Lola in my bathtub, according to them there is more room there!

Hmm… I really don’t mind as long as I have Liquid-Plumr at home.

It’s like having a plumber inside of a bottle! 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable


Lola’s Bath Time!

The process of getting Lola and my bathtub clean is always the same!

For Lola tons of water and shampoo to make our little girl smell and look good again!

She hates it!

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable


Then she gets throughly dried and brushed… You are looking fabulous Miss Lola! 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable


Cleaning the Tub!

To clean the bathtub we use a lot of water and soap as well and to finish the clean up I love using Liquid-Plumr to help destroy and prevent clogs.

Be sure that your pets are completely out of the tub and away from the product at all times!

Then simply pour, wait, and flush with hot water! 

Such an easy way to keep your drains clean and hair free! 

Bathroom Cleaning Tips and Printable


I also love that Liquid-Plumr recently partnered with Denver the Guilty Dog to help her get out of her latest mess.

Please watch and share this video HERE!

Liquid-Plumr will donate $1 to The Grey Muzzle Organization and to Animal Haven up to $10,000 each,

in order to help find homes for animals everywhere!

I made this cute Free Printable for you all that have and love a dog! 

Super cute printable. Pin it now and print it later!

*Please Note: All printables and downloads designed by The 36th Avenue are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter the file or claim it as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file.  Download below! 


Thank you Liquid-Plumr for visiting and hanging out with us today! 

Wishing you all an incredibly awesome day!



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Liquid-Plumr. The opinions and text are all mine.

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