Let me show you first Anni’s Skittles and Nerds Cake…


…and now let me tell you the story behind it!

I am not afraid of paint or paint brushes but for some reason cakes make me nervous.

It is not the cake itself the part that I struggle with but to make the cake pretty.

Frosting and I are not the best of friends

and fondant and my kids don’t get along since they don’t like the flavor.

So I had to make a cake that on one hand could have frosting

and that on the other hand the frosting could be covered so it would not show my lack of skills.



I wanted to make Anni’s cake as special, bright, fun, happy and colorful as she is.



I was so happy when I found the perfect inspiration for the cake here.

Look how FUN this Sixlets Cake by Heather from sprinklebakes.com is!



…Anyways back to the cake!

 Skittles were the perfect touch for Anni’s cake and for the theme of her birthday party!







If you are a follower of my blog you know by now that I am a color freak!

This picture illustrates my point.

 I know… I am crazy!


Just in case you are as crazy as me and you ever decide to make this cake

I have for you how many drops of color you need to match your Skittles.


I use a regular white cake from a box following the instruction that uses egg whites only.

After mixing the ingredients divide the batter in 4 cups.


Use each cup for a different color.


These are the measurements for each cup.

Green: 8 green and 5 yellow drops

Orange: 9 yellow and 5 red drops

Yellow: 12 yellow drops

Pink: 7 red drops


For the sprinkles we used Nerds.

My Mimi took care of the purple ones for me since all we needed were the other colors.



How fun is this?


With the cake made it was time to have a party as colorful as colorful could be!



Together with the cake we had cupcakes.

I found these super cute ones at Wal-Mart.

They were 12 cupcakes for $6 and they baked them fresh for the day of the party.

You can’t beat that!






I want to thank and give credit to Bloom Design for carrying these wonderful party accesories.

The straws, the candy and cupcake cups and the super cute party bags came from Jenny’s shop.




I used a wire basket to hold the utensil, paper plates, napkins, straws and extra cups.


When you are throwing a party look for things you have around your house

that way you can save money and space.


What is a party without drinks!

We had pink lemonade…


…and good cold milk!

{ Click here to see the tutorial of how to make your own mini milk bottle }

For party favors we kept the crazy color theme going.

We made little bags of popcorn, Anni made a bunch of glitter card stock glasses and I used

Washi Tape to give dollar store items a new look.


So there you have it!

What started with a cake…


…ended with a party!

 …May all your wishes my sweet Anni come true!



Happy Tuesday My Friends!




If you are new to my blog I want to welcome you!

I hope you stay in touch with me and

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