So, how are you today sunshine?

I was here thinking that sometimes I get caught up in life and there are a few things that I forget.



This list is for me more than for anybody else.

These are 5 things that this woman here needs to remember at times and I thought

to share them with you… maybe I am not the only one.



Be Healthy



I’m not sure how many times I have replaced my six servings of fruit and vegetables 

with chocolate and potato chips.

How many times have I forgotten to drink my 8 cups of water

but I have remembered to visit the Gas Station and get me a nice 52 oz.  Diet Coke?

How many times have I slept less than 8 hours?

Hmm… too many!

The thing is that I am not 17 years old anymore…


I am 20 years over those crazy days.

I need to remember that in order to be alert, happy, ready and energetic I,  we need to take care of ourselves.

Oh goodness why don’t carrots taste like Kit Kats?




We Can Do It! (Rosie the Riveter) Art Print

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I know! Didn’t you know that?

Sometimes it feels like we have eight of them!

How many times have you been on the phone,

warmed up a bottle, changed a diaper, wiped your 5 year olds nose at the same time,

while you have your mother on hold on the other line?

I have four children and my first three were under three so I’ve been there and I’ve done that!

As amazing as the super woman inside of each of us is, 

sometimes we need to give her a break.

Sometimes we need to remind her that she can do a lot of things but not everything and that’s OK.

If you are incredibly capable to make dinner, have a clean house, happy children,

exercise, keep a job, keep your Facebook updated  and

still do you hair and wear lipstick, please call me…

I need YOU in my life… NOW!


I can’t do it all and when I forget that I have just TWO hands I know it is time to remember that

I need to be wise and choose my priorities better and put in prospective what is really important.



Let it go!

Mary Poppins in Sky Art Print

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Women’s minds have been trained to accomplish, to fulfill, to… worry.

If we didn’t worry kids would go to school late and eat Doritos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Come on, think about it…

 From Mary Poppins with her spoon full of sugar to  Scarlett O’hara  and her determination to never give up,

women from all times have been as tough as nails, knowing what to do.

We can even heal a scraped knee with a kiss!

Take that!

Our tendency to be on top of things is a great quality that makes life and homes run smoothly.

Sometimes however there are things that you and I can’t control.

No I can’t, we can’t my dear.

We cannot control everything!

These are things far above our reach.

These are moments and experiences that remind us that  sometimes we need to let it be,

and we need to let it go.



My next thing to remember is to…


I know this may sound weird but let me explain.

I think to love is a wonderful thing

but to fall in love is a magical thing.

When we fall in love there is a silly youthful feeling inside of us.

We smile more, we hope more, we even become blind.

We don’t see the imperfections in the gentleman that has stolen our hearts.

To be in love requires serious attention to detail,

to be silly, youthful, and the desire to see the best in that person that fell in love with us once before.

But it also requires to love ourselves, to feel good about who we are.

I say let’s fall in love!

Let’s fall in love with life, with the present, with our city, with our community, with our boyfriends, with our husbands, with our friends, with our family, with who we are.

Let’s remember to be more silly, more hopeful, and even focus and see the goodness around us.






This is so hard for me.

I am busy and I get distracted really easily.

In my desire to do the million things that I need to do sometimes I forget to STOP and listen to

the needs of my soul. Sometimes I am so distracted by things around me, even social media

that I forget to take 10 minutes to nurture my spirit and recharge my spiritual batteries.

Sometimes I forget to ponder, to pray, to STOP and  listen to the most powerful silence,

which at times brings the most powerful voice.

This  is something that I really feel I need to do more.


 Now I better go and put my 8 hands to work… { wink }

Have a wonderful day super-women!


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