I have been feeling sick for the last few days and I think I have finally come down with a pretty bad cold.

So today is a perfect day to snuggle on my sofa under a warm blanket, visit your blogs and enjoy your projects.

I can’t thank you enough for visiting with me every week.

This last one we hit another new party record with over 400 entries.

You guys are simply amazing and I want each of you to know that I really appreciate you being a part of The 36th Avenue.



Are you ready to get some stickers?

Here we go…


Chocolate & Strawberry Cake Anyone?

Yes please!

How in the world can I keep a diet here?

Go get the recipe over at JosieJones & CO.

Their blog is beautiful!


 I am giving JosieJones & CO the…


First I showed you the cake and now I am showing you where to put it.

Dave’s Wife made this Cake Stand from a bowl and a candle stick.

She is sharing the tutorial over at her fabulous blog The Diary of Daves Wife.

Make sure you check out her shoe makeover tutorials while visiting.

I am giving Dave’s Wife the…


Sometimes little sweet things make us feel happy.

I love the colors and patterns that Amy from One Artsy Mama chose for her

Clothespins Magnets.

The cherry one is my favorite.

 I am giving her the…


Talking about magnets did you get to see this Magnetic Menu Board by

The Homes I Have Made?

This WOW-man does not deserve a Sticker but  a trophy for all this hard work

 to put together great dinners for her family.


I am giving her the brand new…



I think this little Paper Sack & Doily Gift Wrap by

My Lil Pumpkin Patch is adorable.

This could be a great way to pack a lunch for our little ones on their birthdays.


She used the bag to wrap this Doily Shirt that she made for her sister.


I am giving her the…



Get out of here!

These lovely burlap boxes…

…used to look like this.


Make sure you guys check the tutorial over at her blog Saving 4 Six.


Hello YOU!

This piece of furniture has taken my love for numbers to another level.

Slick, classic but daring, bold and sophisticated…



I am giving Mama with a Dash of DIY Drama the…



This same sticker is also going to Julia from 551 East.

I think there is nothing this lady has made that I don’t love.


I adore the theme behind this Birthday Party by 52 Mantels.

She created a First Year Timeline with pictures…

I love the vintage feeling of this party.

I am giving  52 Mantels the…



goes to Samm from Little House in the Big D  for her multi-stripe colorful desk.

I really like all the different size of stripes.



 Here is a recipe for Homemade Vanilla by Jennifer

from Whuthering Iris.

This will make a great Christmas gift.

It takes six months to set so plan ahead.

{ The long wait will make it even more special. }


I am giving Whuthering Iris the…

Oh My Sweet Cuteness!

Just look at the picture and “aww” with me…



This Bow Diaper Cover and Headband are darling.

If you love them make sure you visit Darling Derriere Design to get the pattern.

 I am giving this project the…



Here is another great easy project by Decorating The Dorchester Way


I am giving Decorating The Dorchester Way the…


So there you have it my proof of how EXTRAORDINARY you are!

Feel free to Button-UP and have a Happy Tuesday my Friends!

Thank you again for partying with me…♥



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