1. So, How was your weekend mine was EXTRAordinary…
My family had the blessing to go camping right on Newport Beach
and spend some great time with friends.
It didn’t rain on us which it was a BONUS.
Here are some pictures of the North West Coast Line for you…
I love the colors… so beautiful.
…one more.
2. When I came back home I found a ton of sweetness on my computer…
I need to tell you, I am soooo touched by all of you.
Let me share some facts that shows
Many of you left an incredible amount  of comments all over the blog,
the matter of fact is that there were close to
1,700 page views yesterday alone.
On Friday  they were 180 of you that “like”
 The 36th Avenue on Facebook
and 150 Amazing Followers of the BLOG
Now do you want a DOUBLE WOW?
When I came back Sunday there were close to 210 of you that “LIKE”
The 36th Avenue on Facebook and
near 180 Amazing Followers of the BLOG
WOW…WOW is an understatement 😉
Yes, I am touched!
I receive everyday emails  that  make me smile,
all of them with nothing but kind words and best wishes…
3. The response to the GIVEAWAY was so great  that I decided to pick two winners,
one from the BLOG comments
and the other one from The 36th Avenue FB Page…
The Winner from The Blog is number
51, Wende 

with her sweet comment:
“So stinkin’ cute!”

The Winner from FB is number 19,
Judi Spinetti  with her comment
“Shared you on my FB”

 { Well, it paid off 😉 }

Congrats to you ladies and to all of you that didn’t win get ready for the next GIVEAWAY;
To celebrate that we are over 200 I am coming up with a new template for next week…
You are going to love it 😉

4. My last news is that I decided I have to do something about this…

I can’t get in my pants and I have to tell you if I’m going to spend money on something it won’t be on new pants…. but on new shoes. I will post next week my new weight 😉
Come on LADIES tell me I can do IT!

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