I can’t believe that here I am with a mouth full of braces…


I am going to be honest with you as much as these braces are hurting me I know it would be worth it

and I have to admit that I love to visit Simister Orthodontics.



Honestly I do… For me it’s a time out!

Every time I visit their office I am surrounded by great people, awesome magazines and free chapsticks. 

My favorite flavor is bubble gum.

I am telling you Simister Orthodontics is a woman paradise!

When they called me in yesterday I thought

“Darn it… give me a few more minutes… I am hanging out here with Doctor OZ.”


Yesterday however it was my turn to sit down in the chair and have my teeth to be the subject of a makeover.

Now here is a makeover expert for you: Doctor Simister.

{ If you ever get your braces here make sure you check out his shirts they are perfectly iron!

I hate ironing!

Check out also the cute little wood animals on the walls… adorable! }

Anyways, while sitting there letting Doctor Simister work on my teeth, a thought crossed my mind.


Right by my side there was another patient,  a young sweet girl perhaps thirteen or fourteen.

Looking at her I thought of all the things I wish someone had told me when I was her age.

So before I knew I heard me saying in my head something like this…


Dear 16 year old me remember to smile BIG {sigh} 

because 20 years from now your teeth are going to be a mess and you are going to look like this…

{ Now that is a BIG mouth! Why the heck are my eyes blue in this picture?}


After that first thought many others came so I decided to write a letter to… Dear 16 Year Old Me.

Here it is:


Dear 16 Year Old Me,

Make sure you go to your English classes during high school.

I know you have not gone for over two months and you think you are so cool.

Let me tell you… what you are is an idiot because 20 years from now you are going to live in the United States.

Don’t tell me “shut up” because I will tell you “shut the front door”

Do you even know what that means smarty pants?



Talking about pants…

Dear 16 year old me make sure you hold on those skinny colored jeans that you are wearing.

A few years from now you are going to think they are ugly and then 20 years from now you are going to be wearing a yellow pair.

No way?

Yes way! I have a picture to prove it to you…


This picture also proves that you are not going to grow any taller so you can tell our mother to stop giving you those disgusting iron vitamins.


You are going to be 5′ for the rest of your life!

…yes I am sure!


Dear 16 year old me make sure you say thank you to your Literature Teacher Nazario for inspiring you to write.

I know you think he is awesome… but why  have you never told him that?

Follow his advice and keep writing because one day you are going to be able to share your thoughts with thousands of friends.

Do you know you are going to have a blog?

What is a blog?

Shoot! Hmmm… something super cool!

As I say you are going to regret not thanking him. 


Dear 16 year old me…

Make sure you say I love you often to those around you.

It is not embarrassing… it is noble.

 Pinned Image

{free printable via  sissyprint.blogspot.mx }

I tell you this because  20 years from now you are going to realize that some of the people you love the most left this world without you having chance to say good bye.

Sad I know… Would you hug them a little tighter and a little longer?



Dear 16 year old me, please take a picture of your small belly…

I now you think you are fat but trust me honey you are NOT.

Use the picture 20 years later to remember where and how your belly button used to look.

Just trust me!


Dear 16 year old me please tell your mom thank you for giving you the freedom to do whatever you like with your room.

I know she makes you crazy sometimes but one day you are going to make your kids crazy.

Yes! Your Kids! You will have four little monkeys!

Yes they think you are nuts… and you kind of are. 

Anyways, one day that freedom will give you the ability to paint bigger walls and make your own house your home.

Mama rocks!



Dear 16 year old me please remember the small things around you.

Pinned Image

{ via hankandhunt.com }


…Touch the ocean, walk in the sand, listen to the waves, smell the breeze because 20 years from now 

the memories of your island will be the main source of inspiration for you.


Dear 16 year old me you are not going to marry anyone from your high school.

Can you please stop wasting your time and tears now?

Thank YOU!


 Dear 16 year old me I know you think you know everything but let me tell you that you don’t.

I know you think you are not that pretty but let me tell you that you are beYOUtiful.

Pinned Image

{ free printable here }

I know you feel lonely sometimes but let me tell you that you are not.


Dear 16 years old me…

You are stronger that you think.

 You are a daughter of God.

 You are a dreamer.

You are a believer…


How cool is that!

Thank you Doctor Simister and Trichele for my new smile!



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Happy Thursday My Friends!



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