I am sharing today a bunch of awesome ideas using jars.

They are one of those things that I can never have enough of.

They are affordable, have many uses and they can be recycled.

What else can we ask for?



This is one of the many ways you can use jars for decor.

Paint them, hang them, cover them with fabrics… whatever you do they will look adorable.


I love the metallic look!

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Wrapped in fabrics.

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via 100layercake.com


Hang them outdoors.

Burlap + lace = Perfection!

diy ceremony chair decor

via ruffledblog.com



I love the idea of having the light of a candle reflecting on glass and even water.

I don’t have a favorite here… both of these ideas will make an indoor and outdoor space magical.


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via oh-lovely-day.com


Check out this chandelier… WOW!

Mason Jar Lighting Mason Jar Chandelier Mason Jar Lamps Lights - UpCycled Rustic Eco Friendly Wedding Accent  - Original BootsNGus Design

via Boots N Gus




This is just plain clever.

 I use jars all the time to store items that I use often…

Let me show you some of my own ideas and a few more that I have found around.


…For the kitchen

via The 36th Avenue


For Craft Supplies

via The 36th AVENUE



via Modern Hostess


via Home Made Simple


For the bathroom!


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 Here come the last five ideas.

I love a party, a barbecue, a gathering of any type and using jars is perfect when you are throwing a party with a budget.


I love this look for an outdoor celebration.

via whattopin.com


Drink from them…

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Eat from them…

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via frl. Klein


Bake in them…

BabbleJarRainbow2 Rainbow Cake in a Jar

via babble


Give them!


via The 36th Avenue


Now open your kitchen cabinets and never look at those empty jars the same way again!

Have FUN creating!

 …Make sure you come back at 6:30 pm to party!

See you later!

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