Hey friends! It is our lucky day… the weekend is almost here! Today I have for you a  Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable and a super cute gift idea. I also think these would make the perfect favors if you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Party… Hey, I say for a day we all turn Irish! 

Awesome Free Printable and St. Patrick's Day gift idea by @the36thavenue

 I came up with two different ideas for these St. Patrick’s Day Treasures. You can put a bunch of Mint M&Ms in a small jar { you can find these jars at WalMart} and then use the printables to decorate the jar… Easy, cute and fun! This is a prefect idea to wish your lucky friends and neighbors a happy St. Patrick’s Day!

 Fun! Isn’t it?

 The second idea is simply delicious!

Our Double Mint Chocolate Dip is perfect with green apples.

Pack everything in a clear bag, decorate with our Free St. Patrick’s Day Printable and you are ready to go! I love this idea for teachers and it is also perfect for work or school lunches. Super cute and yummy!

 You can find the recipe for our Double Mint Dip here.

If you like Thin Mint Cookies and Mint M&Ms you are going to love this extremely delicious dip!

So darn good! 

 Easy, quick, fun and festive way to celebrate!

Awesome Free Printable and St. Patrick's Day gift idea by @the36thavenue


Click HERE to print.

This Printable is for personal use ONLY.

This Printable is for personal use ONLY.


Also check out these other Free St. Patrick’s Day Printables HERE

 …and HERE for these other two!

 So fun!

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8 Responses to St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable and Gift Idea

  1. adie1979 says:

    I love the green M & M’s idea, these look great and easy to do too.


  2. Kayla says:

    This is so cute! I mean really, it’s just amazing! I especially like the “Lucky to meet you” ones :)

  3. Mique says:

    Love these so much. We’re Irish for the day too. That’s one of the few things I don’t have in my heritage AT ALL. 😉

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