Have your kiddos started school?

Are you feeling like Summer is slipping away and it is time to get organized again?


Seriously where did time go?

Well, last year school caught me unprepared so this year I decided to try my best to be a little more organized.

Yes I am the mom that takes her daughter to dance class the day where I’m supposed to take my son to Scouts.

As you can see I need help… so this year I made a Back to School Fridge Station.



Today’s project is part of it.

 I am showing you how to make this Vinyl Washi Tape Calendar to get things more organized.



I shared this project at Tatertots and Jello weeks ago.

This is a blog you WANT TO FOLLOW!


If you saw it there previously you know already how simple it was to make this calendar.



All you need to make this project is high gloss vinyl, scissors, a marker, tape measure, ruler and Washi Tape.


Let me show you…



The first thing you want to do is cut a piece of vinyl.

I made mine with just 4 horizontal rows and the dimensions of the vinyl were 24″ w x 16″ h.

I chose to do four rows because I didn’t want to cover a huge area of my fridge.

If you decide to make the traditional 5 week calendar cut your vinyl 24″ x 20″.



Next step is to make the boxes for each day of the week.

Using a ruler or tape measure, mark, and divide the width of the vinyl in 5 equal 4″ parts,

or 4 equal 4″ parts if you are making your calendar like mine.

When you are done create seven vertical  3.5″ spaces, one for each day of the week.

The Sunday will be slightly longer but you won’t be able to tell after it is all done.



After you have your lines marked it is time to stick the vinyl to the fridge.

Gently peel off the vinyl as you would do with a sticker.


You may want to get some help at this point.

Carefully place the vinyl on the fridge.

You can’t see the marks of the measurements on the picture but they are there.

If you want you can trace the lines… I was too lazy to do so.

Next it’s time to add the Washi Tape.

I found mine at Wal-Mart by the Scrap-booking area.

The only thing you want to keep in  mind is to center the Washi Tape with the lines of the calendar.

That way it would look even.


Repeat this until your calendar is finished…



I purchased this cute decals and magnets at Wal-Mart.

I  added one of the decals to the top of the calendar for the month.


My girls helped me out tracing, cutting and sticking some vinyl to the magnets.


I used a permanent black Sharpie to write the numbers for each day of the month.

I love the fact that my girls made them and that they look perfectly imperfect.

So cute!



Well… at this point we are done!


Because it is on the fridge now it is a magnet board, a white board and a calendar.

Isn’t it cool?


If you missed the rest of the station I hope you take a minute to check out the

Back To School Fridge Station here.

Even my kids love it!


Happy Monday!


I hope you stay in touch and subscribe to The 36th AVENUE here.

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16 Responses to Make a White Board Magnetic Calendar

  1. Lanez says:

    I was able to find White vinyl dry erase paper at Michaels!

  2. Amazing!! I never would’ve thought of this; I love it! I love that the magnets can be moved around for those always awkward squares that have to hold multiple days. Thanks for sharing! -Emily

  3. Jaime says:

    This is awesome! My homework station is going next to a huge blue armoir that looks like the TARDIS. I think I may have to make my calendar with cork board and use Command hooks to hang things — or maybe nail/staple a cookie sheet to the side to be able to use magnets. LOVE IT! Will definitely be doing the clipboards! :)

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