Many of you keep asking me what happened to my laundry room makeover?

Well, here it is!

 The challenge for this room was that there are not windows in here.

No source of natural light. Boo!

So the first thing we did was to add the “boarding” around the room to

bring the white while adding some texture and dimension.

Also we built  a countertop for the washer and dryer area.

This is perhaps one of the best things we have ever done.

Now we have a place where we can fold our laundry.

As you know life is full of messes…

…and full of clean ups!

{ By the way I need to change the sign since this is a Laundry room instead of a “cocina” }

The cabinets and small shelf got a little navy blue love and some silver knobs.

At this point all I had left was to add the accessories…

The little things that makes a house a home.


I love the old lace…

I found these hooks at Lowes, the nautical design was just perfect!

So there you have it… our laundry room!

Happy Monday!



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51 Responses to Laundry Room Makeover

  1. Screendoorgirl 3 says:

    Really beautiful! Too bad you still have to do laundry in there:( Thanks!

  2. sshadie says:

    Love the warm remake of your laundry room. It’s a wonderful example of how to take a utility area and make it truly a part of your home. I just re-did the ghastly laundry/pantry/storage space in our home. Off the garage, it served as our primary entry. It is now a warm entry/mini-office (where you can also do laundry) and is one of our favorite spaces. Our electrician even commented ‘I really like this room’…what better compliment is that?

    Keep sharing your inspiring ideas:)

  3. ShannonG says:

    Thanks for posting. I am in the process of re-doing my ugly laundry room (thanks Pinterest). I bought new front loading washer and dryer and wanted a folding counter over like yours. I’m curious, where did you find table legs tall enough to go over the units? I probably need 40″, how tall are yours? I can only find table height at the big box department stores. Did you have to special order them? I’m weighing weather to go with a table look like you did or to maybe just secure to the wall using a ledger board. I have the same problem that my washer hook ups stick out over my washer and I’m afraid to cover them in case I need to access them. Did you just cover yours up? Does the table slide away from the wall or is it secured to the wall?

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