I am sharing today a tutorial that your kiddos will love. We { Mimi and I } are showing you how to make Slime

in just four simple steps. Well, not just slime but awesome Glittered Slime!

Your kids are going to love you!!!!

How fun is this?

Let’s get with it!


1 Elmer’s Glitter Glue

1 Cup Water

1 tsp. Borax

1 Tb Water

{ You can replace the Glitter Glue for regular white glue to make normal slime }




Mix 1 tsp. Borax and 1 Cup water together.

You can find the Borax at your local stores in the Laundry section.

Call me crazy but I love the box.


Have your little helper empty the Glitter Glue into a bowl.

Oh the anticipation!


Add 1 TB. Water to the glue and mix it together.

This will help the glue to become a little more flexible.


Then pour the Borax mixture inside of the bowl.

Let their little hands work the magic as they combine the glue and the mixture together.

Right away you will see how the Glitter Slime will start to form.

I love this part when you hear them say oooh and cool at the same time!

Isn’t it pretty?

Don’t leave the slime in the water mixture too long since it will make the slime too hard.

Finish mixing it in your hands.

It will look like this!

TIP: Don’t throw the extra Borax mixture yet.

If the slime gets too slimy you can put it back inside and it will harden some more.

We made the Glitter Slime in three colors.

At this point all that was left was to have fun…

Time to play!

To store it we used baby food jars.

And it was at this point that I thought

Wait a minute! 

What about if we make some Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters with it.

So we did!

You can check out the tutorial here.

 They should be scary but I am going to say that they are super cute!

Happy Tuesday!



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136 Responses to How to make Glitter Slime

  1. Amy says:

    I used clear glue, 2-3 drops of food coloring and fine white glitter. Since she’s 2, we left it in he borax a little bit longer. we were still able to tear it and stretch it. We were able to tear small pieces, form them into balls and they bounced everywhere….on the carpet, on the tile, on the plastic table….she loved throwing it and chasing after it.

  2. Susan says:

    I love making this with my kids!!! I made some around Halloween last year for my eldest boy’s boy scout troop but I added glow in the dark paint. It didn’t stain anything and the kids LOVED it. I added about 1 1/4 tbsp to my mixture.

  3. sarah says:

    What a shame, I can’t get Borax anywhere in the UK! Tried several hardware stores and all the big supermarkets, no joy :(

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