Awesome Halloween Craft for kids. These Halloween Monsters and Glitter Slime Recipe is always a Halloween Party favorite!

Halloween Craft - Awesome Halloween Craft for kids. These Halloween Monsters and Glitter Slime Recipe is always a Halloween Party favorite!




My Glitter Slime Monsters and I want to welcome you

to The 36th AVENUE today!


 I had so much fun making these little guys and sharing them with

my girls over at Eighteen 25 during their Spooktacular Series.

I hope you have had the chance to visit them and see so many fun Halloween Ideas and Projects.



The best thing about this project is that the kiddos get to do most of the work.

This is a family activity, perfect for a Halloween Party.



Before we start playing with the slime wash some baby food jars

{ we use the two smallest sizes }

and spray paint the lids.



While they dry make the Glitter Slime.

You can click here to get the recipe and follow the step by step tutorial.




After the Glitter Slime is done and the jars are full

it is time to decorate them and transform them into monsters.


The first thing we added were the eyes.



Dress the Glitter Slime Monsters up!

We used vinyl to make their hair, mouth and mustache.

You don’t need a vinyl machine for this step, plain scissors will do the job!


We even made some arms for the Little Blue Guy.


Put the lids back on, a little ribbon here, a fake spider and a cupcake liner there,

and here they are the coolest little guys EVER!


…And of course every boy needs a girl.


You are done!

We love them so much that this year my Mimi is going to give them away for Halloween

to her Preschool Classmates instead of candy.


 The point is to have fun!

Let the kiddos show their creativity, there is no right or wrong.


This year I have gone Halloween crazy.

Here are some other things you may like if you love Halloween as much as we do.

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And… 15 DIY Pumpkin Tutorials.

I think all these projects will really get you ready for

the Spookiest Time Of The Year. Eek!



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  1. Michelle says:

    Hey! Love the monster slime!!! How many baby food jars could you fill with one bottle of glue?

  2. My kiddos would be ALL over this! Pinned!

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