I love green and I love beautiful and easy furniture makeovers. Today I am going to share how to antique your furniture using paint, stain and wax. You are going to see how easy it is to give your old furniture a new look. Here is it our Greenlicious Endtable Tutorial.

How to antique your furniture in three easy steps! Tutorial at the36thavenue.com

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The weather has not helped with my kitchen makeover.

I hate being cold so my visits to the garage to continue painting my cabinets have slowed down dramatically this week.

However yesterday I worked on some of the accessories for our kitchen,

until this point I have showed you all the neutrals but today I am sharing with you my accent color:


The inspiration behind it came from this awesome 7-up crate that I found at my favorite local store.

Almost every Thursday my sweet friend Wanda Ann and I go visit there and look for little treasures.

{ I love you girl! }

As soon as I saw these 1950 bottles and crate my heart stopped.

I knew this was it!

My kitchen is connected to an open family room, so it is like one BIG space.

This is the accent piece that brings both areas together:

my new old greenlicious end-table.

I am in love!

I had this table forever.

I bought it years ago for $5.00…


The poor thing has been abused since that day.

This is how it used to look.



The materials you should use for painting furniture will depend on the type of finish and style that you want your furniture to have.

I knew I was going to distress this piece so a good brush and a regular dollar store roller was good enough.


Clean It UP!

Don’t skip the prep work… it is as important as the painting part.


Start Painting!

I like to use the roller for the larger areas and the brush for the legs and the hard to reach places.

I used Olympic One paint for this project.

I LOVE that this paint has the primer included.

I came up with my own color but I found for you an almost identical one made by Valspar.

The name is: Cliveden Pasture 6001-6C

Check out also Woodlawn Promised Land 5007-6C by Valspar.

This last one is a little deeper but still gorgeous.


Sand and antique.

How much you sand is up to you and your taste.

After the sanding was done I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze and with a rag I  cover the table with it.

To finish with a damp cloth I removed part of the glaze until it looked pefect to me.

That was it!

Then I dressed our little table up and even Mimi changed her mind…

She doesn’t think that it looks like “poopie green” anymore ;)

What do you think?

I think it is Friday my friends!

Love it!




Come party with me!

I’ll be sharing my table HERE.

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82 Responses to How to Antique Furniture

  1. Haley says:

    I am new at refinishing and I am just starting to paint an old buffet. I was wondering after the antiquing glaze, do you have to seal it with anything else? Or is it hard setting enough to not worry about another coat of ??? Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this! This is exactly the same color and look I want to achieve on my bathroom vanity!

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