I received a comment from one of my sweet readers that says this…
“I’m totally in love with this list. This page has been open on my desktop for almost two weeks now.
I’ll be making all my gifts this holiday season and this list has something for everyone…except my brother lol.
He’s really into baseball and fishing (such a man lol) so I’m trying to see how I can one of these perfect for him.
I’ll post what comes up just after the holidays!”
So I thought to do a little something for her and for the fishermen of our lives…
Copy, paste it, print it, frame it, and give them a fish 😉



me 😉


Best Donut Holes EVER!


25 Responses to Go Fishing!

  1. Heather says:

    Since finding you on Pinterest I have fallen in love with your blog, however I did want to ask you about decorations for a Man Cave. This is a start but there are not many out there….Please help!!!

  2. Fishing says:

    What a fantastic idea Desiree!! Totally going to make use of it! Thank you.

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