OK call me lazy but if I don’t have to sew I don’t want to sew.

If you are like me that like a cute pillow without sewing a stitch, then you are going to love this.

TUTORIAL : How to make a NO-Sew Pillow in minutes… Best diy decor project ever! #decor #home #pillows

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No Sew Pillow Tutorial.

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

Let me show you how you can make a pillow in about 3 minutes.

You’ll need two pieces of felt five inches larger than your pillow.

For example if your pillow is 18×18 you’ll need two pieces of 23×23 felt.

Set one piece of felt on top of the other and then place the pillow on top.

You are going to cut strips of about 5 inches long and two inches wide.

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

Don’t cut all the way to the corner. Stop before the last two cuts meet.

You’ll end with a square of felt in each corner.

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

When you have cut all around the pillow place one piece of felt on top of it.

Start making knots, connecting the two pieces of felt together with the pillow inside.

Double knot so the pillow cover stays in place.

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

When you get to the corners do the same thing knotting the two squares of felt together.

They will look like a big bow in each corner.

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

And just like that you made yourself a No Sew Pillow!

No Sew Pillow Tutorial by the36thavenue.com

Before I leave let me tell you the story behind it.

Last week we had company and I had my entry way almost ready but not quite finished.

There was my naked pillow hanging out on top of our Hall Tree.

I picked it up to put it inside of the messiest room in our house… that would be my Craft Room.

There I saw a piece of felt that I bought forever ago who knows why.

And then the light bulb in my head turned on… You know?

One of those “wait a minute” moments.

Before I could say Shut the Front Door I was making knots like it was no bodies business!

Love it!

If you missed the Heart Wreath Tutorial click here.

That is another projects that you can do quickly with a hanger and fabric scraps.


OK I am done… It is Monday and three baskets full of dirty laundry are calling my name.

See you later my friends.



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  1. mommluv says:

    Brilliant idea! Love it.

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