My favorite character of Halloween are witches.

Come on! 

How cool would it be to travel on a flying broom? These ladies even have stylish boots.

So this project was inspired by the good witches and their magic.

I present you my DIY Poison Bottles.



DecoArt Glass Stain.

Chalkboard Paint.


Glass or ceramic bottles and jars.



You know by now how much I love an easy project.

And this one perhaps is one of the easiest things I have ever done.

Here we go!



Make sure to wash and dry your jars and bottles perfectly.

When they are clean and dry it is time to paint.

I used two different finishes.


First I stained two of the jars with the black transparent glass stain.

I didn’t brush it, instead I put a small amount in the inside and I covered the interior of the jar with it.

I repeated this step a few times until it looked as dark as I wanted it to be.

{ Keep in mind that this stain is for decoration purposes only }


For the bottles I used DecoArt Chalkboard Paint.


No science here, just paint and let it dry.



The second and final step was to stick the labels in place.

I found these stickers at Target over at the Halloween area.

They were perfect!


Just like that I was done!


My kids are so proud of my spookiness.

I think I can handle creepy chic.

{ wink }


For more Halloween fun check our Black and White Entryway 



and my Favorite 25 Free Helloween Fonts.


Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Love this! I can’t wait to try it with my kids! I’ve featured it on my blog, This Crafting Life in my Halloween Edition of Scouting Sunday! Stop by, grab a badge for your blog or post and say hello!

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