I am sharing today a super fun Christmas Craft.

This will take you like three minutes to make.

Check out our newest Christmas Ornaments!


I got last week two big silver Christmas Balls at my local Dollar Store

and I knew I wanted to do something with them and Sharpies were the inspiration!

Ready to see how we make them?


You’ll need really little to get this Holiday Craft done.

Your Christmas Balls, Sharpies and if you don’t feel comfortable  drawing

then I would recommend any Reusable Stick-On Stencils from DecoArt.


All we did was to go ahead and draw!

For the first one I added some polka dots.


For the second ornament we got a bit more fancy.

We placed the Stick-On Stencil on our ornament and then

we used the fine point Red Permanent Sharpie to color our shapes.

Mimi did most of the work while I took some pictures!

I love her little hands!


When the first design was done we removed the stencil and then we repeated  the process again.

Two minutes top!


Look how perfect the design came out!

Never underestimate the talent of a four year old!


I love the simple Northern European look. Luv!

Get your Sharpies, some fun stencils, and give those old ornaments a fun makeover!




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10 Responses to DIY Christmas Ornament

  1. Lorne says:

    Easy enough to do with kids and impressive enough to attract my friends for an afternoon of making DIY Christmas decorations.

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