We are going to have fun here today!

Our friends from DecoArt are visiting with a great giveaway,

it is time to party and link up your projects,

and I am so excited to show you my latest Christmas Ornament.


Take a closer look!


What about if I tell you that DecoArt has a product that turns any painted surface into chalkboard.

Would you say what?

And then I would say… I know!

How crazy brilliant is this?


I know you are thinking how does this work?

So I have a tutorial for you!

Here we go!



You don’t need much…

DecoArt Santa Red Acrylic Paint.

DecoArt Chalkboard Coating.



Smooth Surface Ornaments.



You are going to love how easy this is.


The first thing you are going to do is paint your ornaments with your Acrylic Paint.

If you don’t like red, no problem, DecoArt has a ton of colors to choose from.


Use a stick or something similar to help you hold the ornament and paint it thoroughly.


After they are painted hang them to dry.

Mine were hanging from our dining room chandelier.

A girl does what she’s got to do!



After they are completely dry paint them again but this time with the

DecoArt Chalkboard Coating.

Here comes the magic!


Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.

You will need to apply it horizontally and then vertically,

letting it dry for an hour between each of these coats.


Do you see how the Chalkboard Coating looks kind of white? 

Don’t worry about it, it will dry clear.



The final step is to cover the ornament with chalk.

I like to smash a little bit of chalk and apply it with my hands all around the surface.

This will take you just a few seconds to do.


Now you are ready to have fun and write or draw anything you would like to have on it.

Here is one of my girls helping me with our first one.


So easy and you can change them every year with new designs or

let your children make their own.

So simple and perfect for our White and Red Christmas Decor

I love it!



Here it is on the tree!



Now think about the possibilities of transforming everyday surfaces into a chalkboard!

I am not just talking about ornaments my dear but walls, doors, oh my goodness this is dangerous!

Thank you so much to my friends over at DecoArt for always making such great products

for such an affordable price.



For many other great ideas visit DecoArt on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.





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