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Hello friends! I am so excited to how you today’s project! I used the awesome Krazy strong, Krazy fast Glue to make our Number Magnets for our new fridge Magnetic Calendar and I was sold after the first drop of glue! I loved how easy it was to use without the mess and how you can create masterpieces in minutes! Take a look!


Krazy strong, Krazy fast Glue

Krazy Glue’s unique craft products bond the smallest, most delicate design elements with the same strength and speed that make Krazy Glue America’s #1 instant adhesive.}

Bubble Tile, 31 Round Magnets,

Number Rub-Ons, Vinyl, Washi Tape, Permanent Marker

DIY Magnets and Calendar Tutorial

Making these adorable magnets was such an easy task.

Pull out 31 pieces of bubble tile and clean them up.

Then transfer the number rub-ons to each tile. One for each day of the month.

{ You can find similar rub-ons at your local craft stores }

To bond the tiles to the magnets use a drop of Krazy strong, Krazy fast Glue to the back of the tile and spread it.

Do you see that? No messy glue on my fingers! 

Unlike a glue gun, Krazy Glue’s preciion tip and brush-on applicators bond the smalles elements with no mess, burns or glue strands. The Skin Guard™ formuka delays skin bonding, giving me extra working time before the glue dries! Always a plus!

Krazy Glue works on porcelain, pottery, plastic, rubber, metal, glass, and vinyl, eliminating the need for glue guns and other expensive tools. Unlike a glue gun, Krazy Glue’s precision tip and brush-on applicators bond the smallest elements with no mess, burns or glue strands… I love that!

I can’t tell you how much I love this glue! 

It’s truly Krazy strong, Krazy fast… It helps me complete a craft faster than it takes to set and heat up a glue gun properly!

While the magnets were drying I made the calendar.

Measure and cut a piece of vinyl to fit on the side of your refrigerator.

I chose black vinyl since I can use chalk to also write notes on it.

The second step is to frame the calendar… Washi Tape did it for me!

It is easy to work with and gave the edge of the vinyl a clean look.

For the final touch I used a gold permanent maker to draw the lines and write the names of the days of the week. By then the Krazy Glue had dried completely so it was time to put the Tile Magnets in place.

Keep in mind that Krazy Glue’s craft gel formula enables us to glue vertical surfaces with no runny mess and fill in gaps when bonding mismatched surfaces… So cool!

I love how our new Magnetic Calendar and magnets turned out!

The magnets are not just adorable but they are perfect to pin notes, lists and reminders!

So what can I say?

Thank you Krazy strong, Krazy fast Glue for helping me get organized…

I always need help in this department! 

So, what about you my friends? 

What DIY Projects and crafts are calling for Krazy strong, Krazy fast Glue in your own home?

If you need some inspiration make sure to visit their Pinterest Boards and check out how to create  masterpieces in minutes!

So many great ideas there!

Thank you all for “bonding” with me today… OK, that was cheesy!




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  1. That looks so simple to actually do! I especially love that the frame is washi tape!

  2. kristen says:

    hi!..How do you get the vinyl to stick on the fridge?..Do you buy adhesive vinyl somewhere?…Can you tell me where you got yours?

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