Sometimes you don’t need heavy tools and a contractor to make a home improvement.

Sometimes small DIY projects can change amazingly the look and feel of your home.

I am sharing today 15 Home Improvement Projects that will show you just that.


Let’s start with the kitchen!

Remodelando la casa gave her kitchen an amazing makeover by painting her cabinets.

You won’t believe the before and after pictures!


If you think you need new barstools you may stop first by Lolly Jane and check out what they did with theirs.

I love the new rustic look of these wood barstools.

Amazing job Kristi!


I think these DIY Stackable Fruit Crates by The Wood Grain Cottage are brilliant!

Super cute and functional.


What about if I tell you that you can build your own dining table?

That’s exactly what Carissa Miss did!



Moving on… Build a small office area.

This little space by Shabby Love is adorable and full of charming ideas.


Here is another small working area by House by Hoff.

The table has a chalkboard finish, so fun for the little ones!

This is such a fun Mini Mudroom by Nalle’s House.

I love the clean modern lines of this small space.

The floating bench is pure awesomeness. Great tutorial by the way!


Create a bold focal point with curtains.

This striped curtain tutorial by Blooming Homestead is extraordinary.

Well done Marie!


Paint can give an old piece of furniture a completely new look.

I love how The Weathered Door combined the old and the new together.

Contemporary at its best!


Here is another similar piece with a more classic look by the Weathered Door.



If you have some fabric scraps around your house follow what Ahna from Easier than I thought did and frame them.

What a clever and affordable way to create art.


It is pretty amazing how a bit of spray paint can bring a bunch of different items together.

This little jewelry station by fancy frugal life would be a great addition to any girl’s room.


Who said that cross stitch is for fabric?

Dear Emmeline brought the classic design to this beautiful dresser.

I am in love!


My dear friend Tausha from Sassy Style gave this China Cabinet an amazing makeover

using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I love the two tone choice.


Pillows are another easy way to give a home a quick fresh makeover.

Fancy Frugal is sharing the tutorial of how she stenciled and made her pillows.

They are so fun!


 Make some DIY Transparent Displays.

I love this project by monsterscircus.


Ottomans makeover by Urbane Jane.

Pretty amazing what a little fabric can do for you!


For more amazing DIY projects check out these 60 Furniture makeovers.


These amazing clever ideas for the kitchen are here.

Awesome and CLEVER Kitchen Ideas.


And sometimes all a home needs is a little tender love.

Here are the best 15 Cleaning tips. Trust me, they will change your life!


Now I better go and do some cleaning myself!



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14 Responses to 15 DIY Home Improvement Projects

  1. brett opace says:

    Thanks for pulling together all these great DIY and upcyling ideas – more great examples of how a little cost and a lot of imagination can make a big difference around the home. Now all we need is more time, more time, more time

  2. Jenny says:

    It is definitely time to get the spring cleaning done. I managed to shampoo the rugs inside but need to go outdoors now that it’s warming up a bit. We are building a deck and the backyard is still a mess. I really like how you created that small office area, it is giving me some ideas for my next project inside the house.

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