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What the heck?

I think I am starting to get older… and I think I like it.


I am here sitting on my couch, under a blanket, in my pj’s and with my robe on and I am STILL feeling cold.

Yes the heater is on… This is not normal.

Wait I have more!

I woke up this morning and I was amazed by the size of my belly.

It looked like back when I was around four month pregnant

and then it struck me… wait a minute I am not pregnant.

The hamburger that I ate back on Friday is still inside of me.


Are you following me?

I remember years ago while pregnant with my baby boy asking my mom when do you know you are getting old?

Now I know when… when you start feeling like you are pregnant all over again.


Think about it…


BIG Belly.

Cold all the time.


I think I have a point.

I am a genius.

 If you are feeling pregnant but you are not don’t go to a doctor.

Save your money. There is nothing wrong with you.

This is a sign that you sister are becoming a proud member of the middle age group.


Welcome to the club!

Not so fast… let’s make sure you qualify!

Here are some of the “I am feeling pregnant but I am not” Club Requirements.



If you are constipated… Celebrate.

You are one of us!



If you have a little bit of difficulty painting your own toe nails.


You are one of us!



 If you have a belly that belongs to you and not to your baby.

Carry it with pride.

You own it girl!

You are one of us!



If instead of back pain you feel pain is back.


You are part of the middle age group.



If you feel moved to call your support bra your best friend.

Go ahead, it is about time that someone gives the ugly thing some credit.



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If for every cup of water you drink you need to go to the bathroom four times.

Good for you… You are getting older!



If you forgot your keys,

your child, your dog but remembered Pinterest.

Hug yourself… before you know it you’ll find a picture that will make you say:

Crap! I am late I need to pick up the kids!




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 If you feel you are getting weight, just ignore it.

Remember it is not fat,  you are just swelling… that’s all.



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If you feel like looking for names for your 13 year old “baby”,

and “Smarty Pants” sounds just perfect.


You are one of us!



If you leave messages on your own cell phone and then you are surprised when you hear your own voice reminding you to listen to the message.

It is final, you made it, you have conquered the middle age years.

Jump for JOY!

You are fabulous, funny, confident…

and for what I see it gets even better as you get older.

We will become  wise, beautiful, and irresistible.


Don’t you love getting older?

Love this picture!

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Happy Wednesday My Friends!

I hope to see you tonight at 6:30 during the



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