Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Make this yummy, cute treat for your perfect match! Free printable and tutorial at

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 What about giving to your perfect match a box of pretzel matches.

Matt loved this Valentines, my 12 year old loved it as well,

and my little Mimi thought it was so easy and yummy to make.

Let us show you a quick tutorial.

You are going to need a bag of small stick pretzels, red candy melts and a large box of matches.

Optional: Sprinkles of your choice. We used the red sugary kind.

Valentines Box of Edible Matches Tutorial and Free Printable by

I thought they look great at this point. If you like them just like this then let them dry on top of wax paper.

If you want to give them a little sparkle simply dip the pretzel a second time in the sprinkles.

 I repeated this step many times until I had enough pretzels to cover the top of the box.

I put inside of the empty box a piece of tissue paper and then

I filled the match box with regular stick pretzels almost to the top.

 No, I didn’t make hundreds of them just enough to cover the last two layers.

The match box originally came with a piece of white card-stock that prevents the matches from moving.

I used it as a template to trace and cut a new festive Valentine piece.

For the outside I made a free cover printable.

You’ll get a set of three covers from each print.

 Cut the saying you like and wrap the top of the box with it. Fold the ends under and tape them.

You’ll end up with this.


Feel free to print your own.

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8×10 Valentine Match Box Covers

They are so fun!

I hope this Valentine Gift matches your taste…

OK that was cheesy!

Thank you for visiting another day… It means a lot to me!