I am alive!
Yesterday we were celebrating my Girl’s birthday…
Happy Sweet 11th!
I’m getting old!

…But today I am back!
What a Party!
We had over 225 entries,  thank YOU so much for taking the time to SHARE YOUR AWESOMENESS!

By the way there was so much AWESOMENESS that I found myself making not just one but TWO NEW STICKERS…

Ready to see them?
Here we GO!

These fabulous mirrors…

were made from these PVC pipes…

No wonder why I am giving Thrifty and Chic the…


I am giving the…

for her work of art… This dresser is so much FUN!

and the technique of the antiquing is just excellent…
Take a closer look. Pure Awesomeness!

The NEW…

goes to Season with the Sewells.
I really LOVE the simple but elegant look of this wreath…The idea of hanging it on the window I think is great…perfect for my kitchen!
It was made with beans!

My next sticker the…

goes toSand and Sisal for creating this unique valance from some
Dish Towels from Target…

easy dish towel valance

This project was so easy to make and the finish look is awesome… go see how it looks in the room!


goes to Too Much Time on my Hands


Yes, AGAIN! This wow-man is just a creation machine…
She made this amazing bookcase from a bunch of wood pallets…
Kim… you are amazing!

I save my other new sticker for my favorite entry of the party.
I am giving the…

to beautiful Alicia from La Famille for her gorgeous
Vintage Kitchen Wedding Shower.

This post touched me.. the pictures, the sense of happiness, the air filled with laughter and friendship took me to places in my heart where friends live forever and memories never get old…

{this post is a MUST see the details in this party are truly EXTRAORDINARY}

Elise, I wish you love the happiest fairytale!

And this is it!


 HERE to ENTER the last MINUTE  
“Don’t Panic!” Vinyl Stencil  Facebook GIVEAWAY.

I’ll be talking in church today so if I never come back it is because
I died from a heart attack in the middle of my talk… 😉

Besos and have a HAPPY Day!

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