E N O U G H!

My kids bathroom will be done by the end of this week no matter what!

The poor kids have had no  shower curtain for over a week…

{ which it means also that the bathroom floor has been a swimming pool for over a week }

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ENOUGH mamá!


So, since the final paint day is coming up I thought to talk to you my girlfriends { yes you and you… and you too }

and ask which inspiration room you like the best.

Keep in mind that this is the bathroom that you’ll use if you ever come and visit me… { no ladies… I am not letting anyone use my master bathroom }

This is the main bathroom of the home but mostly it is used by our little adorable monkeys.


The challenge:


a} I don’t like themes.

b} We have three girls and one little guy…

c} I want it to be kid friendly but not childish…


Man I’m picky!


OK, here are the 3 final inspiration bathrooms…

Tell me which one you like the most girlfriends…



Blue and white with a punch of color…

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Neutral Walls with  Colorful Accents

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Tons of Clean White with Dark Accents

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Where are you going?

No! Come on girl drop a comment..! Do it for the poor children 😉



me 😉


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