…That was the first thing I said yesterday morning, my second one : Where are my brushes?
Oh my… I am so happy about this one!
Well, hopefully you remember my New Old Desk…
THE Roll Top Desk, here is a picture just in case.
Something you didn’t know about it is that the
 ROLL TOP part was never back on the desk.
I just left the desk without it…as a matter of  fact, it has been on my deck
since the day I finished the desk…
Poor thing πŸ™
First I added some stripes with duct tape and painted them in red…
Mmmmm, I think you know where I’m going πŸ˜‰
2nd… I made some vinyl {I have a vinyl machine} and had
 Mimi add some stars to the other side of the sign…
Look at my creative Girl’s outfit…
I love how she dresses herself πŸ˜‰
… and I love even more her messy little face.
…Oh! Back to the sign. So, we added the stars.
What do you think we did next?
3rd, 4th and 5th…
I painted this area navy blue and after peeling off the tape and the stars
my sweet Saydi helped me with the antiquing process…
 I love this Antiquing Glaze from Vaspar.
You just apply it and wipe off as much as you want to accomplish the look you are looking for…
In the end the ROLL TOP PART became
the star of the show…
the focal point of the 
living room of our home….
…Love the nautical feeling.
If you ever wonder where my other two kids were…
They were killing each other fighting for a stick.
 I love life!
The little things… the forgotten “parts”…
the sun… the beauty of family,
 and the freedom we have…

GOD bless the USA!


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