Honestly… How many of you went to Target
to purchase the Kitchen Towels that I used for these pillows…?
Now how many of you didn’t just get the blue ones
but the yellow ones as well?
…I did!
The thing is that I was sitting in my “Make It Happen Room” staring at the yellow towels and the two blue pattern ones,
when a thought crossed my mind:
 “Wait a minute…
I know what I can do with those!”
I can make an apron…
…for my sweet Saydi!

{click on the picture to see it larger}

And one little apron… 
{I can remove the flowers for easy washer washing ;)}
…for my little Anni.

And with the 99 cents place-mat that I found at the thrift store…


I can even make another one for Mimi!

Doesn’t she look adorable?
A closer look…
…So… to keep the story short…
 here is a mini picture tutorial
of what happened next…
These were soooo EASY to make… because there was almost no sewing involved.
The main body of the aprons were the kitchens towels, then I cut a few straps of fabric, put them in place, sewed them together, added some cute embellishments and I was done…
Three aprons for under $5.00… I’ll take that!
…I better think about my boy next time 😉

The End!

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where I go party.

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