Hello Friends!

I want to thank Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe for inviting me to participate in her amazing series…



In the next week you are going to receive tips from different bloggers about how you can help your blog grow.

I’m honored to be a participant in this series since I feel there is so much I still have to learn,

however I love to party so I belive I can talk about this! 😉


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I came from a family that had the chance to host tons of parties and dinners for acquaintances and friends.

I was taught from a young age about party etiquette.

I was taught how to sit, how to eat, how to drink, how to dress for different events,

 how to thank and how and when to excuse myself.

By age 12 I think I was a pro and as much as I loved my stepfather I hated the time he took in teaching me table etiquette and manners.

{ He even  taught me how to peel a shrimp with a knife and fork. 

What the heck?! ;)}

Now I am grateful for the simple basic tips that he taught me.


Link Parties!

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We are so fortunate that so many of us have the opportunity not just to host parties every week

but to link up our projects to some other amazing blogs weekly.

We have the chance to not only share our work  but the privilege to have it featured in other incredible successful blogs

and get great exposure by their  followers and readers.

If you are a new blogger I hope you take full advantage of this opportunity.

I did! Everyday I took around 15 minutes to link up my projects and shared them over at some of my favorite blogs.

This gave me the chance to not only showcase my work with a greater audience but to introduce myself as a blogger.

I have to say that a huge part of the growth of my blog came from the exposure of being featured

There are a few tips that I would love to share with you about link party etiquette

that hopefully helps you with the growth of your own blog.




Read and FOLLOW the rules.



If you were invited to a party I am sure you would take the time to read the invitation.

You would try to figure out what to wear, how to introduce yourself to others and

 I am sure you would not leave without thanking the host of the party.



Take the same steps when you enter a link party.

Each host has their own rules for their parties, PLEASE take the time to read them and


These are NOT our parties, we are a guest and we should act as a kind and polite one.


Pay close attention to general rules such as:


Button UP guidelines.

Number of projects to link.

Type of party.


Be a good girl and party nice!



Thank the host.

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It is natural for people when they go to a party to thank the host.

I really doubt that any of us would go to a baby shower, birthday party or wedding

and leave without acknowledging the host giving her  our most sincere thank you.



Do the same when you visit a link party.

Make sure somehow  you thank the host.

There is a good chance you are not going to get a reply to your form of gratitude out loud

but trust me the host will notice your efforts and you won’t be a number to them but a guest with a name.

Here are some ways to say Thank YOU!


Leave a Comment

Here are some sweet comments from my last Sticker Time:


Samantha says:

Woohoo! This is my first sticker from 36th Avenue- I am going to display it proudly!!!

Thank you! Happy Valentines Day… love your blog!


Mel the Crafty Scientist says:

Thank you so much for featuring me in this AWESOME, very LOVE-ly roundup!

So many great projects – I want to make (or eat!) them all! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist


Jaime says:

Thank you so much for featuring my rufflicious valentine in your beautiful roundup!!


Lizy b says:

You absolutely made my day!! 

 Can’t wait to visit the other featured ladies!


You get the point!

You don’t have to write a letter, just a few words go a long way.

Thank you ladies… You guys are the best!



Seems like a common theme of parties is to button up.

Please display the button of those parties you visit on your blog.

This is another way to say thank you.



Shout OUT!

I love to give shout outs when I’m featured.

I am so excited to see my work on someone elses blog and I think to share those blogs and parties 

with my readers is another way to say thank you.




Don’t Cheat

I am sure you would never show up in an event passing yourself for somebody else.


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{ picture via thebedlamofbeefy.blogspot.com }


I have to admit that it really bothers me when people share someone else’s work.


Don’t try to promote your blog by someone else’s projects.

This is ALWAYS a bad idea that back fires.

If the project doesn’t BELONG TO YOU… my advice is DO NOT Link It Up!

After each project there are a SERIOUS amount of hours.

It is not just about the time however. It is the pictures, the editing , the shape, color, concept and idea behind a project that makes it YOU-nique and YOURS.

I personally do not even link up round-ups to any party. If I find any on my own party I don’t delete them but I don’t feature them either…

but again each party is different.




Part of going to a social party is to visit and get to know new people.

Blogging is all about net working and building a community around you.

Take the time to visit other entries.

Introduce yourself to them and let them know what you love about their projects.


Final TIP

Party and have FUN!

There are so many parties out there that to follow all of these steps can feel overwhelming.

Link, up, thank the host, visit other blogs, and leave comments there too?

It can take a LOT of time!

My advice is to pick some favorite parties that suit the personality of your blog.

Then enjoy sharing, visiting and creating!


I hope these simple tips help.

I know I enjoy visiting your blogs every week when you come and party over

at my Show Me EXTRAORDINARY Link Party.

I look forward every Wednesday night when I get to see your new projects being linked up

and I hope you have as much fun as me sharing them.

Featuring your talent during Sticker Time is one of the highlights of blogging for me.



Make sure you take a few minutes tomorrow to visit Amanda

over at her fabulous blog Oh Amanda.

She will be sharing about groups & tribes.

 {Finding Support in the Blogosphere}

 I can’t wait so see what she has to say!


Happy Monday!



Wait ONE more thing!

GFC is going away soon…

Please stay in touch with me and follow here.

Thank YU so MUCH!


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