My Craft Room will be clean and ready to be shown tomorrow.

You don’t even know what a mess this place was a couple of days ago.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I started to organize every single corner of this room.

It got pretty messy pretty fast!



I pulled out every single item out of boxes, closet and drawers.

We can fairly say that I have spent these last five days doing  some Spring cleaning in the month of October.

I am exhausted but happy to say that it is all done!


In the middle of all the mess last week  I received a box full of awesome wood beads and supplies by Lara’s Crafts

from my good friends over at DecoArt.


I knew I had to put them away fast before my girl would take care of them for me.

I’m telling you it is  never a good idea to mix my Mimi and my craft supplies.

This girl knows how to make them disappear way too fast!

For me it is always hard to organize small items, especially when they are similar but different sizes.

I like to use jars to keep them all organized.


This gives me the chance to see what I am looking for right away.

 This time however I still had the problem of remembering in the future

 the size of the beads and some other of the craft supplies.

So this time I had the idea of using the info from the packages to make tags.


The first things I did was cut the basic information.

This way when I make a project with them I can tell you exactly what type of item I used.

So cool!


After the info was cut I punched a hole in each tag.


Then I used Bakers Twine to keep them together according to the content of each jar.

I tied them around the jar giving me a clear way to see not just the supplies

but their own information.


How do you like me using my kitchen hammer?


It wasn’t until a few hours ago that I found my craft hammer under a pile of fabric.

I need a vacation!

Anyways, I love this idea so much that it became addictive and before I knew

I had all my jars full, with clear descriptions and ready to use.



I’ll be back tomorrow with my reorganized Craft Room.

I think you’ll be happy to know that I listened to you my wonderful readers and

the polka dot wall is still untouched and as happy and bright as ever.


Make sure to come back tomorrow and link up your projects

over at the party. If you are a night owl you may want to stop at 12:30 am when the party will open!


Thank YOU for visiting!



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