Good Morning Sunshines!

What a fun weekend!

Here I am writing my first post of the year.

Do you remember the sad and dark computer nook where I used to blog from…

well I am happy to say it is GONE!

Let me show you a picture of how it looks now…


Would you say happy and bright ?

I say so!


Well this is the deal.

I have to make a confession in order to share with you my new year resolution…

Confession: I am a mess 🙁

Resolution: I want to get organized 🙂

And my computer area is the first of some projects that hopefully will help me to do so.

I wanted this space to be clean, simple and fresh.

The inspiration was our own little Closet… I love the stripes but I don’t get to see them all the time.



 I wanted to incorporate the stripes in this space to bring some texture and boldness to the small area.

Because the stripes were horizontally placed the space looks wider and the neutral colors make it super bright.

My number one goal with this area is to be clutter free… therefore I kept the accessories to the minimal…


The Little White Cuby…


The Drawer Organizer…


The Pin Board…


My Sweet Family Pictures…



…And a little green happiness 😉


To take care of all the crazy cables, printer and mess down there I purchased this 24″ small shelf at Target.


In the end we went from this…


…To this.



One space done… a few more to go!



See you tomorrow! 

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