…Let me share with you the journal
of my bathroom makeover…

{Day One}
1. I went shopping with my little Mimi {she is three}… and we were done in less than three hours. It helps me to go out there knowing what I want… in Mimi’s case that is a Chocolate Chip Cookie from Target {by the way have you ever had one of those… “thank you for making me fat cookies” …Hello!}

2. I cleaned my bathroom.
Clean=READY. Here is a picture of my lonely toilet-shower room.
{call me crazy but I think toilets are cute!}
3. I got some of my magic items ready . {L☺ve}


4. I made my roses… {12 of them to be exact}
…and I thought “why not make a toilet seat cover since I am at the sewing machine..?”
I think it was around this time when my husband said…
 “babe…, you are something.”
For him something = creazy 😉
… if you are wondering it was 11:30pm when I went to bed and I slept like an angel.


{ Day TWO }
I woke up in the morning really excited to finish the small toilet room…
This part of the process was fun.
 Let me show you a little picture tutorial
of what I did!
I have had these hooks for quite sometime
and I have to tell you they have never look this good before…
I think I’m in love..!
 then I remembered my old, my very old shower curtain. Believe it or not you have seen “her” before in many of my pictures… She has been the white background for other projects that have taken the spot light.
But not yesterday, yesterday was her day to become more than a project, yesterday was the day for her to retire from the shadows, to become what she was always meant to be…

The shower curtain!
…And after I hanged “her” I realized my work was done! 
                                    So let me introduce my $30 Toilet Room Makeover…      
before… and after…
…the little things.
  Call me crazy once again but while  I was transforming my old curtain a thought crossed my mind… How many people are around us forgotten in the background? Most of the time they are serving and helping others to look and become better.
It is a gift to see the true potential in things… but how much greater would it be to recognize the true potential in people. To recognize in ourselves and others who we really are and become what we were always meant to be… As I always say life is all about making something ordinary EXTRAordinary!
…Now I’m taking a few days off and on Monday I will finish the rest of the bathroom.

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