Good Morning my beYOUtifuls!

I get so excited every time I have something new to show you…

I wish it was my mantel but natural light was gone by the time I was done… so we are going to have to wait a little longer before I post about it.

This post however is inspired by two of your comments…

I hope you know I read them all and the things you say open my mind to new possibilities and fill me up with the desire to create…


Here is the first comment:

Katherine said:

October 13, 2011 at 8:49 pm

” Really love the photos of you showing an outfit that you’ve put together. 

Would love to see more like this.  I am a disaster pulling a look together with accessories, please share your secrets!


The second was posted on my Facebook page:

Allison said:

” I am seriously horrible at color.  I have the hardest time matching stuff, that is why I wear jeans every day – they match everything! 

So, I’ve got this dining room with gray walls and orange curtains.  What accent color should I use with it?  I’m thinking teal, but I really have no idea.  Help?


I have to admit that I can’t believe you are asking me for advice but it was while thinking about these two ladies that I came up with this post.

So let me try my best to share how to use color and how you can put colors together in an outfit, a home, with anything really.

I hope it helps!


I love Fall but I HATE to go to a store and just see a bunch of gray, brown, black, and sadness all over the place.

SORRY but Fall doesn’t mean DARKNESS…

This first outfit is inspired by Allyson… actually my friend this color combination is all about your living room…

So I am going to take a minute to explain why this color palette works!

Gray is a neutral… basically you can put any color from the color wheel right by it and it will look great…

Your first choice of color was ORANGE…

HELLO AWESOMENESS… I don’t think you could have done any better.

The mix of cool {gray} and warm {orange} is exciting and packed with personality.

Now if you remember my Color Wheel Post you have multiple choices for your second color choice.

I am going to go a little bit bold… and cross the street to the complementary color for orange…

Pinned Image

…therefore I chose a form or shade of blue.

So here is your basic color palette…

Neutral & Orange & Blue

Now keep in mind that you can have a TON of fun with these basic three colors. Play with their intensity…darker and lighter.

Think of metallics for accents { for the home through frames, lamps, etc.} Feel free to even mix and match them… yes silver and gold go together.

Most importantly HAVE FUN and you will end with something like this…

{ I hope you like it Allison 😉 }


Now time to walk the runway… Fall STYLE!

{ Katherine I hope you like this… 🙂 }



The Comfy Running Errands Look

I personally like to keep it simple during the day.

I have four kids… a home to run… a blog to write… 100 projects to make, multiple visits during the week to the Post Office, Target, Roberts and Home Depot…

so a pair of jeans, cute boy friend shirt  and rider boots are an easy fix for me.

I love to bring color with bulky scarves and throw some big “look at me” earings…

Cute, confident and comfy!


This second look is all about comfort and femininity…

It is perfect to meet with your girl friends for lunch or for meeting with your children’s teachers during  conference…

Not too much… not too little… just perfect!

Please promise me you won’t worry about matching shoes and bags…


they just need to go together. Let your accessories put the full canvas together.



The Day and Night Look

First of all every woman should own a ” last minute” dress…

Perfect for any occasion… fabulous during the night or the day.

I chose this amber tone because of Fall…


Lets say you have to work first and then meet with someone for lunch.

Throw on a fitted jean jacket { a must have in any wardrobe }

I chose navy blue as the complimentary color and some green to bring depth and character.

Because it is a long day keep your jewelry light it will get heavy after a while…

{ Always look for inspiration in nature…

If the evergreen against the falling orange leaves look great by the navy blue water of a river…

 it will look great on you too. Trust me! }


Now lunch is over and you have a few more hours of work or errands before you are meeting your husband  and friends for dinner.

Pick up your hair in a messy pony tail,  change the jean jacket for a fitted black one.

Add some drama with net ties… { I have too many of those 😉 }

And add the missing sparkle with some chandelier earings and metallic handbags.

Don’t forget to take care of the shoes my love…

 and three minutes later somewhere between work and the restaurant you  became Miss Chic!

Click HERE to see where all the items came from.

 {To see them individually just click on the set you like and a list will appear on the right side. There you can find the prices and the stores where you can find each item }


So ladies I don’t care if you are 18, 45 , 67 or 93…

Be creative, experience the power of COLOR…

be  YOUnique…  beYOUtiful…  be YOU!


Keep those comments coming… keep inspiring me!


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 I’ll see you all at 6:00 pm during the Share YOUR Awesomeness Party!



me 😉

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