I am one of those people that love to dress up for New Year’s Eve even if I am celebrating it in my own home.

New Year’s Eve is the official fashion day in the Canary Islands.

Honestly it is like everyone is getting ready for prom and the fact that I grew up in a house surrounded by Hairstylists made New Year’s Eve even more exciting!

I don’t go that crazy now that I live here in the United States but I like to take an extra minute to look a little more put together than normal…

after all we are celebrating the birth of a New Year!

How cool is that!


Anyways, here is some outfits that I put together…

I hope you like them!



Casual, Comfortable and Fabulous!

I love a good pair of jeans as much as I like to eat.

This outfit will allow me and you to do both and shine at the same time!

The turquoise accessories will bring  more of an informal kind of feel.

Perfect for an intimate evening with friends perhaps at home.

The black accessories give a more classic party look.

 Just throw a black blazer and you are ready to rock the night if you are planning to go out after dinner!

Which one I like better?

I like them both!

I am wearing something similar this New Year’s Eve… 



The little black dress!

No matter how old you are, your size or taste everyone should own a little black dress.

I put together three different looks for you…

The first one is timeless and sophisticated.

Thinking of New Year’s Eve I added some bling… not too much but enough to make it pop.

To give the classic look a contemporary twist I added also some super black opaque tights letting the accessories really shine!


The second outfit  has a little more movement…

Perfect for hosting a party where you are going to be everywhere at the same time.

Comfortable and feminine.

I chose to add some fun patterned black tights to this one, to give the look personality and texture.

For accessories I chose “metallics” and hot reds.

It is New Years Eve don’t be afraid to shine!


The third one is youthful, fun and super cute!

I think the booties will look great with it!

I threw a gold clutch to show you how cool mixing metallics look.

If you love the look but you think it is a little too young, think about wearing a pair of black pants with a playful sparkly top…

It will have the same effect 😉



Party Outdoors!

I know many people love to go downtown and be part of the moment.

So Much FUN!

I’ve been there and I’ve done that and my experience is to go for COMFORT and be warm!

I chose a black coat with a pair of boot-cut dark jeans.

For the footwear some nice delicious flats or comfortable boots.

To bring color I chose green, orange, red, bronze and antique gold accessories.

Clutches are small enough for you to carry them. Most of them have chains that will allow you to hang them across your chest if you don’t want to carry them.  They are festive and adorable!


 This was it!

If you want some inspiration for you hair check out this post HERE


So! …What about you?

Do you have any New Year’s Eve traditions?

I would love for you to share them with me!


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