Last night I was getting today’s post ready when I realized that Memorial Day is tomorrow.

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While searching the Internet a couple of days ago I came across this gorgeous painting.

In one side of the wall there is a man, heart broken perhaps, and on the other side there are a bunch of soldiers,

men and women touching and reaching for the hand of this man.


Such a powerful and tender scene made me think about something that I feel so near to my heart.

I really believe that those that have passed away are a lot closer to us than we think.

I really believe their love for us and the tenderness of their spirits live forever.


{ My mom and dad looking good at the end, right side}


The matter of fact is that some of them never leave us,

They live in our hearts. Their memories carry us in moments where we need their strength.

I realized that being so far from my birth country I never get to put flowers in anybody’s resting place,

 but even though I get to thank them in the deepest part of my soul for all the things that they have taught me.


My abuelo taught me integrity.

My father taught me to forgive, to forget and to give second chances.

My brother in law taught me honesty and the love for family.

My uncle Sito taught me to love life and live it fully.

My abuela taught me to be sassy and happy.

And the list could go on and on…


I really hope that this weekend we celebrate life!

Our lives and the lives of those that left this world perhaps to be in a better one.

The life of those that made us in part who we are today.

The life of those that left defending our freedom

and those that today are standing for the freedom we have.

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Let’s Remember.

Happy Sunday My Friends!




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