I’m happy to say that we are almost done with our kitchen remodel. Hopefully in the next two weeks I’ll be able to give you a tour of our new kitchen. Today I am going to share a few tips and kitchen organization ideas that can make all the difference between a messy kitchen and a kitchen you’ll love. Enjoy the sneak peek!


Clutter Free Countertops

For our family the kitchen is the heart of our home. It is the most used area of our house and I personally consider it a working space. We cook here, we eat here, we even do home projects and school homework on our kitchen island. A good way to keep your kitchen clean and organized is to have clutter free countertops. In this area for example I used regular hook-screws under our cabinets to hang my favorite mugs. Looks cute and clutter free!


Decorate with Useful Items

Instead of decorating your kitchen with items that you don’t use, bring out items that you actually use everyday. I love see-through canisters { these are from Ikea} because they bring texture and depth into the kitchen without making it look full or cluttered. I also use this adorable owl vase { from JoAnns} to keep my wood spatulas handy and ready to use.


Maximize Your Space

If you don’t have a ton of cabinets make sure to leave out those kitchen gadgets that you use the most. For me cutting boards are actually another layer of my countertops so I don’t hide them since I use them all day long. Besides they help to protect my countertops and I love the rustic look of the different color wood tones.


Simplify and Minimize 

In order to install our new cabinets we had to take out everything.

I had so much crap!

Really quickly I realized that I had tons of things that I didn’t use. I filled up the huge box that my microwave came in with mix matched dishes, old appliances, multiple spatulas, dull knives, you name it. After cleaning I ended up with the basic kitchen tools that I actually use. Sometimes less is more!


Maximize Your Cabinet Space

Instead of filling up my cabinets with all of the little things that I need I used plastic containers to keep everything neatly organized. As you can see the big container is full of kitchen tools that I use here and there but not everyday. This is a perfect solution to keep everything in one place and everything in its own place!


Use cabinet dividers to keep your utensils organized

Make sure to purchase dividers that actually fit your drawers so they move all over the place.

I found mine at Wal-Mart


Put the spices you use THE MOST all together.

I have more spices than these ones in the picture but I don’t use them often. Just for specific recipes or holidays.

I took all of those out of my drawer and I put them neatly organized inside of a plastic container in my pantry.

This saves a lot of space for other items that I actually use frequently.


Use your Lazy Susan for Pots and Pans.

I know many kitchens have a Lazy Susan.  Ours used to be full of cans but now it is full of pots and pans.

It made me crazy when I had to pull a bunch of pots out of the cabinets to get to the one I wanted.

Problem solved!


Build pull out boxes for your appliances!

This is the best ideas of all! You can install something similar in your exiting kitchen.

Basically this is just a box on top of rails! Brilliant!


Keep cookie sheets and baking pans in a pull out drawer.

 Basically this is the same idea as the one before.

Instead of hinges connecting the front of your cabinet to the frame

we had the facing screwed right into the box. Just pull!

I love this!


Organize your shelves

Put towards the bottom  cups, bowls and plates. Build up from most used items to these less used items.

Make sure to get rid of any dishes, or kitchen gadgets you don’t use.

Also put protective liners on the shelves, especially in those shelves where dishes are.


Keep all your cleaning Products Together.

Under the sink is the perfect place to keep your cleaning products. I love these plastic baskets with handles that I found also at Wal-Mart. It keeps everything organized under the sink and they are super easy to pull out if I need a bunch of cleaning product for other areas such as the bathrooms.

I also love these Magnetic Holders that you can put inside of your sink to keep your rug and sponge out of the way!

You can find the rug holder HERE.

…and the sponge holder HERE.


Use rugs in areas where water is used.

 This will keep your floor clean a lot longer. When people step on water the floor gets messy really fast. I like to have a rug in front of my sink and my fridge since the water dispenser is there!


Do what works for you!

We all have a different style and size of kitchens. Think outside of the box and come up with a plan that works for you.

I bake a ton so for me it makes sense to have my measuring cups and spoons on display together with my apron.

I am the worst person to remember where I put things so I actually use a napkin holder as my phone charger station.

Just roll the cable around the back side of the napkin holder and be ready to charge!

So, there you have it… 15 Ways to keep your kitchen organized this year!

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 Wishing you all an awesome day!