Welcome to Our Home!
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I can’t believe it is Christmas Time already!
I love this Season… everything about it makes me smile and feel warm inside.
 Today I want to share with you a corner of our home.
I have to be honest it took me over a week to put this place together
since I painted pretty much every piece of furniture that you see here.
{ I will show you before and after pictures some other time }
But now let me focus on the Season of Light!
I used neutral colors, candles, and a lot of glass around the space….
Take a closer look…
I like using ornaments not just on the trees but around the house as well.
I love how the light reflects on them and how they make the room glow and sparkle…
Here they are hanging from a frame….
Inside of a glass vase…


On top of a tray…



…And I’m not sure how this little bird got here… but ornaments even look cute inside of a bowl 😉
{ I bet Mimi helped the little bird fly away from the tree…}


As much as  I like ornaments one of my favorite pieces of the Christmas decor of our home is this
White Nativity that we got years and years ago…
Looking at it remind us what Christmas is all about…
And it help us feel the spirit of Christmas and love of our Savior even stronger in our hearts.
The little Christmas Tree behind the Nativity  is special to me..
I call it the Never Forgotten Tree….
On it we have the pictures of those near and dear to us that are not here anymore
but even though their memory, influence and love will live in our hearts forever.
{ I still need to add some more pictures… I cry like a baby when I do so and I wasn’t ready for that part today }
Here is my papa…
This room is not just a living room our dining room is here as well.
 { click on the picture to enlarge }
The room transitions from each other with the piano…
God blessed us with wonderful children and among our four He gave us Saydi
our sweet talented musician…
She spends hours a day sitting in front of her piano.
We gave it to her as a birthday present around two years ago when we realized that this girl had the gift of music in her…
{ I want to paint this piano so BAD… but she loves it as it is. }
During this season she often  plays Christmas music for us…
The piano is old, the melodies are familiar  but for some reason every time we hear her play it sounds like the very first time to us…
There is magic in music!
 { click on the picture to enlarge }
This picture takes me to the second part of this room the dining area…
and the huge tree!
It has taken us honestly many years to fill up the tree and the back is still empty.
So it has become our tradition  to go shopping after Christmas for some new ornaments for the BIG tree..
Around this table we gather together on Christmas Eve to have our Christmas Dinner.
 { In Spain Christmas Eve is a BIG night, we call it La Noche Buena… The Good Night! }


Next week I will share with you the rest of the dining room…
 but for now let me say that
there is truly no place like home…


{ click on the picture to enlarge }


Merry Christmas!
me 😉
You know what to do…
If YOU made it share it!

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Have fun and inspire me to create a new STICKER 😉
I can’t wait to see your projects!

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