Sometimes the most unexpected ideas come to you in the most unexpected places. Yesterday I went to the store to get a few groceries when in the bread aisle I saw the Swiss Rolls and Fancy Cakes yelling at me “eat me!”. I looked at the boxes debating if I could have just one and in my head trying to be a good girl I said ” you monsters”

Wait! …Monsters? 

Before I knew it I was looking for edible eyes in the baking isle! So here today I present to you my

1 Minute Halloween Monster Treats!


1 minute? Yes my dear… just one!

Fun? I say so!

Let me show you how quickly you can put these Halloween Treats together.


You’ll need…

1 Box of Swiss Rolls and 1 Box of Fancy Cakes.

Edible eyes, Sparkle Gel or Frosting, Sticks or Paper Straws.

{ I found all of these items at WalMart}



…Ready? You are going to be done in 60 seconds my dear!


Unwrap the treats and stick a paper straw in it.



Add frosting or sparkle gel to where you want the eyes to be.



Stick the eyes in place and with the gel make a mouth or any design you like.

You can see how irresistible these Monster Treats are… This poor guy got bitten before I could take his photo.

…but after all the fun of making treats is to see the kiddos enjoy them!




So, mommy, daddy, aunt, friend, teacher, grandma or grandpa… do you have a minute?

Do you have little adorable monsters at home?

If you do, surprise them with an adorable and tasty Halloween Treat!


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{ caution this recipe is addictive }


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Have a fantastic day my friends!

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