Graduation gift ideas for girls: These gift ideas are affordable and adorable. You can’t go wrong with any of them! 


When looking for graduation gift ideas the list can be enormous and expensive.  I have put together a roundup of gifts for girls that high school graduates are going to love. Are you ready to take a look? 



Inspirational Bracelet – Find it HERE

This bracelet comes in different finish options. Click the link above to see them all! 



Graduation Bear – Find it HERE

I was thinking it would be fun to roll some money inside of the diploma the little bear is holding! Extra cash is always a great gift idea!      


AMAZON Gift Card – Find it HERE

I showed the list to my daughters and their friends, and they loved every single item. I hope you find something you like as well if not you can always get a gift card!

Seriously, who doesn’t need some Amazon in her life? 




Retro Mini Fridge – More Colors – Find it HERE

Such a cute idea for college dorms! I want one! 


Two Tone Backpack – Find it HERE

It comes in a bunch of different adorable color combinations. Good luck picking just one! 


Leather Journal – Planner – Find It HERE

This is one of those gifts that keep giving. Years later she can look back and remember the memories she made in those first years after graduation! 

Graduation gift ideas for girls: These gift ideas are affordable and adorable.



Instant Mini Camera – More color Options – Find It HERE

I got this camera for each of my girls and they loved it. 

Or you can get this awesome bundle HERE



Real Dandelion Seed Sterling Silver Necklace- Find It HERE

Make a wish… Such a beautiful graduation gift idea!



Messenger Leather Bag – Click HERE

I have one of these and I love it. It’s perfect to take to campus or to bring to a job interview.  



Adulting – Find it HERE

This is such a fun book to read and has great tips.

We give it FIVE stars!


I hope you like all of these graduation gift ideas as much as we do. To see our kids grow up can be scary and exciting at the same time, and they feel the same way than us. It’s always fun to celebrate this time!

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