Hello Desirée and 36th Avenue fans. 

 I’m Bliss and I blog at Bliss Ranch. 

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I am honored to be here and share my rocking dresser redo. 

As bloggers we love a feature, but when Desirée inquired about a guest post instead,  I tried to act casual and responded with a polite ‘sure’,  while really thinking, “ummmmm, yeah, YES, are you nuts…. YEAH”!  So thanks Desiree, I’ll try to tone down my enthusiasm about being here, but you and the dresser both rock!

Sometimes the design magic works, and sometimes it doesn’t. 
On this dresser the trash to treasure makeover turned out to be a treasure for my 13 year old son.


Old Rabies dog tags for pulls
It started like this, but hey it was FREE

 I spotted this ‘ol lemon beauty FREE on the curb at a neighbors, (except we don’t have curbs because we live on a gravel road) and left a voice mail for one of my sons that *Dad* said he should pick it up – that worked better than explaining to him why I didn’t do it myself.  15 minutes later on my way back by there was no lemon ugly, it was gone.  I was full of anticipation driving up our driveway to see if the  piece of lemon-ness would now be mine or if someone else loaded it before my son. 

I saw it…. there it was, in all it’s blinding yellow glory, 
with my 18 year old asking “why does dad want that piece of junk?”.   
JUNK?  He had no vision and at that point neither did I.


The only rotten spot

First – replace the crumbled spot on the side with whatever junk wood is laying around. When I saw the wheels in the garage I had to have them on it too.  I thought it should be taller and the wheels were just the ticket. 

I used CeCe Caldwells Hershey brown chalk paint, Annie Sloans clear wax, followed by heavy distressing to give it that lived-in-hit-the-road rock & roll look. The centers of the top drawers were cut out and wire inserted, with pull tags of bits I found in the junk drawer….. rabies tags from past dogs, a cross.    My 13 year olds closet was raided for old belts, and those became the drawer pulls, all nicely air stapled on with an opening at the center to grab, or a loop to pull decorated with some nail head trim.  It was shaping up.  Honestly once I couldn’t see that blazing yellow I considered it an improvement.

Jenny I Got Your Number


But really the hardest part was deciding what music “things” to put on it, so I asked for input from the young rocker himself.   One drawer says “for those about to rock” a’la AC/DC.  The phone number?  Just say it out loud to yourself and I think it will be familiar.   Young Rocker wanted something California-ish in honor of my roots so Hotel California with my rendition of the album cover seemed appropo.  Not too detailed however since I did have to paint it freehand.  I love the faded distressing.  Two of my sons are drum bangers, so one side has an old pair of drumsticks with a song all 70’s percussionists know.  The other side has old concert tickets and other vintage styled ephemera pinned on to give it the look of saved mementos on a bulletin board. 

Long Live Rock… and banjo players


Thanks Desiree for having me over at 36th Avenue which is chock full of your own great posts.  Everyone is welcome to stop in at the Ranch and say hello –  I might have a couple other projects worthy of your visit.  I can’t take all the credit for this dresser as my husband is the brawn of our operation, but that means I’m the brains. 
Brawn & Brains


Thank you so much Bliss and Brawn for hanging out with me and my readers today!
Make sure you stop by Bliss Ranch and check out many other EXTRAORDINARY projects as…
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I’ll be back tomorrow on my blog.
My break is over time to get back to work and hang out againg with some of my favorite people… YOU.
Happy Monday!

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