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Oh my goodnes!

Seriously, do you ever feel that all you do is laundry and more laundry and when you are done there is more laundry already waiting for you?


A few weeks ago I received this bottle of Shout® Trigger in the mail…




I know it is not a crafty little thing but it sounds like a friend to me or perhaps a war weapon.

Listen to this…

Shout® Trigger has Triple-Acting Formula.

Clings. Penetrates. Lifts away stains.

It has a convenient trigger dispenser.

It is safe for all colorfast washables and works in all water temperatures.



Don’t you hate stains?

For me it is beyond disliking them.

Stains and I are not that good of friends.

I want to terminate them, kill them, make them suffer and never see them again.

WOW! …What was that?

Anyways, as much as I try to keep them out for some reason they keep coming back.

I think ANNOYING is the perfect adjective to describe stains… Don’t you agree?


 Do you have children who end up with stains ALL the time?!

How many?

I have four. FOUR as Cuatro. You know 4!

Do you know how many stains that is?

I tell you… grass stains, dirt stains, chocolate milk stains, Kool-aid stains, stains that I don’t even want to know what they are or where they came from.


Do you ever feel that your kids think that t-shirt are paper towels?

What the heck?

Well… for the hate of stains I had to give Shout® Trigger a try.

I used it on the collars of my husband and son button shirts and it worked perfectly.

So this is what I want you to know…

There is HOPE!


You should know that Shout® Trigger is packed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes to quickly penetrate, break up and remove tough stains!

I don’t know about you but time is too precious to be spent trying to remove stains the hard way.

Can I just say thank goodness for advancements…

Can you imagine if we had to fight stains like our Grandma’s did?!?

No way!

I think if I was a mom back then I  would have sent my kids to school with polka dot shirts dyed in tomato sauce… Ha! There you have an idea for a creative DIY project.

Anyways girlfriend, when you are at Wal Mart next time do yourself a favor and grab a bottle of Shout® Trigger and give it a try.


Trust me we can beat stains!

Now I better go… I have laundry to do!

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