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While I enjoy all DIY projects, there is seriously nothing better than a great upcycle project. There is just something about breathing new life into a piece that excites me, especially when it saves me money! Today, I’m showing you how I gave an old black tray a complete makeover using a little paint and sisal rope. Pottery Barn Inspired Number Tray by @tarynatddd

Many of you have probably seen the Pottery Barn Number Canvas that so many bloggers have recreated over the years (It’s no longer available online, but here is a quick Google Search that shows you a few images). Even though the print is a few years old, I STILL love it. When I stumbled upon this old black tray laying around my house I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it. I took the inspiration from the canvas and recreated the image onto my tray. And today I’m giving you a little insight into how I made my Pottery Barn Inspired Tray Makeover. Pottery Barn Inspired Number Tray by @tarynatddd 2 PB Inspired Number Sign by @tarynatddd And here is a little before and after to show you how it doesn’t take much to give an old decorative piece a complete makeover! Yeah? Pottery Barn Number Tray Before and After And do you want to know a secret? I actually bought the original black tray at World Market when I was a freshman in college… and yes, I have no idea how I have managed to keep it around this long. I apparently knew I would have a need for it one day 🙂

Supplies Needed:

– Serving Tray – Vinyl Stencil ( I made mine using my Silhouette Cameo, but you could also buy vinyl numbers and use them as stencils or create your own) – Americana Light Buttermilk and Snow White Acrylic Paint/Brush – DecoArt Satin Varnish – 160 Grit Sandpaper – 1/4″ Sisal Rope

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 2.25.05 PM

I used my Silhouette program to replicate the number design from the Pottery Barn Canvas. My tray measured 12″X16″ so I set my paper to those measurements and then played around with the spacing of the numbers. I found that the Century Font was the closets to the font used in the PB print.

Once my design was final, I cut it out onto vinyl.

PB Inspired Number Tray Tutorial 1

The vinyl I used was only 9″ wide, so I had to piece the design together. I cut the first section and then used transfer paper to apply it to the tray and then cut the second section and very carefully aligned them. Lastly, I just put an extra layer of painter’s tape around the edges just to be careful (glad I did).

PB Inspired Number Tray Tutorial 2

I wanted a more distressed look for my tray, so I mixed together Snow White with Light Buttermilk to give an off-white look. It look a good 4 coats to successfully paint over the black.

PB Inspired Number Tray Tutorial 3

Once the paint was dry, I gave it a light sanding with some 160 grit sandpaper. I wanted a very subtle distressed look so I didn’t over-do it. I cleaned the dust off the tray and then applied a coat of satin varnish to help seal the paint to the tray. This will really help with the wear and tear.

PB Inspired Number Tray by @Tarynatddd

For the finishing touches, I wrapped the handles in 1/4″ sisal rope. I found a huge roll of it still in the package at the Goodwill for $3.99. It was a great find!

Pottery Barn Inspired Number Tray by @tarynatddd


See what a little paint and sisal rope can do?

Now I’m really glad I managed to keep this tray around for so long!

Thanks to Desiree for having me today! I always enjoy being here.

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I love this!

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