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A while ago I had the privilege to visit one of my favorite blogs,

UCreate and share with Kari and her readers one of my favorite projects:

 How to turn a regular king size pillow into two throw pillow inserts.



This is a perfect little project to recycle old pillows or to save good money specially on down throw pillows,

 since you can pay anywhere between $25 and $50 for  just one insert.



Basically all you’ll need is a king size pillow, scissors, pins and a sewing machine.


TIP: You can purchase super affordable pillows at your local HomeGoods Stores or TJMax.

You can buy two king size pillows and make four down pillows for about $20… That is a good deal!




First using scissors cut your pillow right in half.

Nothing fancy!




Push the filling of your pillow in with your hands as much as you can.




Keep the filling inside of the case and out of the way pining the fabric together.


You want to have at least a 2.5″ piece of empty fabric to work with for the next step.



After the pinning it should look like this…



Close to the edge of the fabric, seal the pillow together.

More space you leave to work with… easier the sewing will be.




Remove your pins and distribute the filling evenly again with your hands.

Make it puffy!



You are done!


I do this all the time!

It saves me a lot of money and I can get high quality pillow inserts for a fraction of the cost.

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