Hi friends! Today I am sharing how to make a permanent marker mug using a marker and this awesome stencil from the  new stencil line by my girl Amy from Mod Podge Rocks. This is such an easy diy project and I am loving the modern wood grain look… Check it out!

DIY Stenciled Mug



Mod Podge ® Rocks! Peel & Stick Stencils – Wood Grain

Permanent Marker

Stenciled Mug Materials



The first thing you want to do is place the wood grain stencil on top of the mug.

The stencil will stick to the surface so you don’t have to hold it… How awesome is that?

Stenciled Mug 1


The second step is as easy as coloring inside the lines with your permanent marker.

I used a metallic gold color for mine.

Stenciled Mug 2


If you make a mistake dip a Q-tip in alcohol and gently erase the areas that you don’t like.

Stenciled Mug 3

When you are happy with the look it is time to bake the design so becomes permanent.

Place the mug inside of the unheated oven and heat it to 400˚.  

After the oven reaches 400˚ bake for an additional 30 minutes.

Turn off the oven and let the mug cool down inside until it reaches room temperature.  

This will prevent the mug from cracking due to rapid changes of temperature.

Stenciled Mug 4

You are done! I love the wood design!

Wood Stenciled Cup

This was such an easy and quick project. You should give it a try!

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Isn’t it cute? So fun!
Thank you so much to you all for hanging out with me today
and thank you to my friend Amy for another Mod Podge amazing product! 

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