Hi again 36th Avenue readers!

It’s Jill from Create.Craft.Love here with a super easy and fun tutorial!

Remember my Patriotic Star Glasses from last month?

I showed you how to use the pointillism technique.

I took it a step further this time and enlarged the dots to create this Confetti Inspired Painted Vase!

Wanna make your own Confetti Inspired Painted Vase?

Here’s what you need!

Empty Starbucks bottle

Spray paint

Acrylic craft paint

Pencil with unused eraser

Glossy top coat

I started by removing the stickers from the Starbucks bottle and washing thoroughly.

Turn bottle upside down and start spray painting your bottle. I do multiple light coats to avoid runny paint.

Cover the bottle completely. Allow to dry for one hour.

Now comes the fun part! Grab whatever colors you want for your dots. I chose aqua, navy, lime green and red. Using the eraser end of the pencil, dip the eraser in the paint and start adding dots to the vase.

Before I started, I wanted the dots to be spaced. But the more I looked at it, the more I wanted to cover the entire thing in polkadots! It took me about an hour to do. After you finish dotting up the vase, allow to dry overnight.

The next morning, I got up and put a top coat on the vase to avoid any damage to the paint.

Caution: This vase is hand wash only! You don’t want to ruin all of your hard work!

Isn’t it fabulous? I love the colors and the polkadots!

Looks like those confetti glasses we’ve seen all over Pinterest!


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Such a fun project… This is an easy craft to do with the kiddos this Summer.

I can´t believe we are already at the end of July!

Wishing you all a fantastic day!


Jill and Desirée